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Descendants of William Taylor
submitted by Brenda Collins Dillon

William TAYLOR b. 1715 NJ d. Fredrick Co. Va.
wife Unknown
Children: William, Zeporah, Daniel, Sarah, Hannah, Jennett, Elizabeth

Note: It is believed that William was one in a line of four Williams that origanated in Liverpool, England. I am not sure as to which William was the emergrant Daniel Taylor's grandfather or great grandfather.

Generation No. 1

1. DANIEL1 TAYLOR. b. 1748 NJ d. 1840 MO married 1) 1773 Winchester, Augusta Co. Va. Mary _______ Daniel fought in the Dunmore's War, under Captain John Stuart, at the "Battle of Point Pleasant" in 1774. In 1780 the commission to Settle Claims to Unpatented Lands on Western Waters of Virginia recorded that, by settlement 1778, Daniel was entitled to 200 acres of land adjoining lands of John POAGE and Alexander WADDLE. This tract was in the Swago-Millpoint area of Pocahontas (then Greenbrier) county. Daniel's name can not be found on any official records after 1786. this was explained by a family member as thus; he failed to come right home after wardue to injuries recieved, and when he did return found his wife Mary married to someone else thinking her husband had been killed.

Mary then married William "long William" Ewing Aug 8 1791 in Bath Co. Va. William Ewing and Mary were subsequently indicted by the Bath County Grand Jury in Nov 1791 " for intermarring.. Daniel, the husband of said Mary, not yet being dead that we know of from the information of two of our own body".The case was dismissed in 1793. Daniel and Mary had four known children. Mary also had children with William Ewing but unknown as to how many or names.

According to Daniel's pension records (S17137 pg 65) shows in 1774 he was in a battle near the mouth of the Great Kanawha river, between the American Colonial forces under General Lewis and the Indians. ( Battle of Point Pleasant)

In 1776 while serving in the Virginia troops under Captain John COOK, he assisted in the construction of Fort Defiance; from 1776, he was engaged durning nearly the whole of every summer for the next six years in "spying",
guarding Fort Defeance, and Ranging.

After the Revolution he returned to Winchester Va. remained there for 3-4 years, went back to Greenbrier for a couple years, then settled near Bardstown Kentucky, where he remained for 20 years. He then removed to Lewiston Township, Montgomery Co. Missouri , where he resides at present. (application executed May 8, 1833)

Children of Daniel and Mary Taylor:
1. William Taylor b. 1774 Augusta Co. Va. mar 1796 Greenbrier Co Va. Mary Burell
2. Solomon "Big" Taylor b. 1778 d. after 1850 mar 1800 Eliza Wetzel
3. Eli Taylor b. 1776 Augusta Co. Va d. after 1840 Nicholas Co. WV mar1800 Gbr Co. Margaret Woods
4. Mary Taylor

Generation No. 2

2. ELI2 TAYLOR (DANIEL1). He married MARGARET WOODS 1800, daughter of Stephen Woods and Nancy.

1)Stephen Taylor b. 1801 Greenbrier Co. Va. d. aft 1845 Nicholas Co. WV mar Melinda Williams1826 Nicholas Co. WV d/o Hugh & Jane BELL Williams
2)Ann Taylor b. 1804 Va. d. Unk mar William Woods, Samuel Donellson
3)Nathaniel K. Taylor b. 1808 Gbr. Co. d. 1872 GBR. Co. mar Jane Wilson
4)Malinda Taylor b. 1816 Va. d. unk mar Joseph Rhodes
5)Solomon Taylor b. 1820 Nicholas Co. WV d. unk mar Jane Cornell, Nancy Clemems

Note: 5 more children names unknown
Eli and Margaret owned and operated a flatt raft on the cramberry River on the border of Greenbrier and Nicholas County,
which they used to transport men, and horses over the river for market in Lewisburg. Later Eli sold the business to John McClung.

Generation No. 3

3. STEPHEN3 TAYLOR (ELI2, DANIEL1) was born1801 in Greenbrier Co. Va., and died after 1845 in Nicholas Co. WV. He married MELINDA WILLIAMS 1826 in Nicholas Co. WV, daughter of Hugh Williams and Jane Bell.

Children of Stephen Taylor and Melinda Williams are:
4. i. CATHERINE4 TAYLOR, b. 1835; d. 1910, Nicholas Co. WVa..( household of James Donellson on 1860&70 Nicholas County census; no marriage record found;
ii. MARTHA TAYLOR, b. 1827.Nicholas Co. WV d. unk mar Nathan Groves
iii. SARAH JANE TAYLOR, b. 1829.Nicholas Co. WV d. unk
iv. HUGH W.TAYLOR, b. 1830.Nicholas Co. WV d. unk mar Nancy C. Spencer
MARGARET TAYLOR, b. 1833.Nicholas Co. WV d. unk mar Wellington Sparks
vi. RUTH TAYLOR, b. 1840.Nicholas Co. WV d.
vii. ELIZABETH TAYLOR, b. 1842.Nicholas Co. WV
viii. MARY TAYLOR, b. 1844.Nicholas Co. WV

Generation No. 4

4. CATHERINE4 TAYLOR (STEPHEN3, ELI2, DANIEL1) was born 1835, and died 1910 in Nicholas Co. WVa.. She shows up in the household of James Donellson but I have never found a marriage record.

Children of Catherine Taylor are:
5. i. FIDELLA DOWNTAIN5 DONELLSON, b. 1864, Nicholas Co. WV; d. 1936, Nicholas Co. WV.
ii. JOHN MICHAEL TAYLOR, b. 1849.Nicholas Co. WV d. 1919 Nicholas Co. WV ( became a minister )
iv. ELIZA TAYLOR, b. 1863.Nicholas Co. WV d.
v. ELIZABETH TAYLOR, b. 1869.Nicholas Co. WV
vi. FRANKLIN DONELLSON, b. 1867.Nicholas Co. WV
vii. ABRAHAM DONELLSON, b. 1871.Nicholas Co. WV d. 1900 Nicholas Co. WV by drowning
viii. RUTH LOVELL DONELLSON, b. 1874.Nicholas Co. WV d.

NOTE: Taken from a Family Record section of a bible owned by Catherine Taylor's daughter, Fidella. The following info was handwritten : Catherine Donelson b. July 13, 1834; Mariah Jane Taylor b. August 17, 1855; John Michael Taylor b. April 26, 1857; Malinda Frances Taylor b. August 20, 1860; Elizabeth Huff Taylor b. June 16, 1863; Fidella Dounton Donelson b. December 29, 1865; Frankling Stephen Taylor Donelson b. November 3, 1867; Elizabeth Ann Donelson b. September 1, 1863; Abraham Spencer Donelson b. January 12, 1872; Ruth Gussella Lovell Donelson b. July 23, 1874...........

Generation No. 5

5. FIDELLA DOWNTAIN5 DONELLSON (CATHERINE4 TAYLOR, STEPHEN3, ELI2, DANIEL1) was born 1864 in Nicholas Co. WV, and died 1936 in Nicholas Co. WV. She married RICHARD COLLINS January 27, 1884 in Nicholas Co. WVa., son of John Collins and Mary Roark/O'Roark.

GGrandma Fidella was raised as a Donnelson but as her children grew older she told them her father was really Andrew Milam from Craigville, WV

Children of Fidella Donellson and Richard Collins are:
6. i. ERVIN WALKER6 COLLINS, b. 1893, CherryBottoms,Nicholas Co. WVa.; d. 1964, Fenwick Mountain,Nicholas Co. WV.
7. ii. SHERMAN ARTHUR COLLINS, b. 1887, Beaver, Nicholas Co.; d. 1973, Tisedale,Canada.
8. iii. MELVIN CLARK COLLINS, b. 1889, Beaver, Nicholas Co. WV; d. 1922, Webster Co. WV.
9. iv. VERGIE MAY COLLINS, b. 1891, Beaver, Nicholas Co. WV; d. 1971, Fenwick,Nicholas Co. WV.
10. v. ALVIN LLOYD COLLINS, b. 1885, Cherry Bottoms, Nicholas Co. WV; d. 1987, Nicholas Co. WV.
11. vi. ALTA LEO COLLINS, b. 1897, Nicholas Co. WV.
12. vii. GOLDIE ENA COLLINS, b. 1899, Nicholas Co. WV; d. 1930, Logan Co. WV.
13. viii. EUVA ALICE COLLINS, b. 1902, Richwood, WV Nicholas Co.; d. 1994, Richwood, WV Nicholas Co..
14. ix. ELMER HARLAN COLLINS, b. 1904, Fenwick WV, Nicholas Co.; d. 1978.
15. x. CLERANCE OSCAR COLLINS, b. 1907, Fenwick, WV.
16. xi. ORETTA COLLINS, b. 1909, Fenwick,WVNicholas Co.; d. 1985.

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