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The goal of Nicholas County WVGenWeb is to provide freely and openly accessible genealogy data pertaining to Nicholas County, West Virginia on the Internet. Certain conditions must be placed on this free access to ensure that goal. If you cannot abide by these terms of use, please do not continue to access this site, or download data here from.

These conditions are simple:

  • Keep the information free.
  • Respect the contributers of the information.

The following sections explain these in more detail, including the copyright used to enforce them.

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The collection represented by this website is considered copyrighted by the county coordinator. Further, individual pages or files may be subject to additional copyrights as indicated therein. Unless otherwise indicated in an individual page or document, permission is hereby granted to use the contents of this site for noncommercial purposes, provided that this copyright and the source are clearly acknowledged. Any commercial use of the contents of this site is prohibited unless specific written permission is obtained from all parties who have contributed to making the content available, including the current county coordinator, the original contributors, transcribers and any other parties which may assert copyright to the content. Contact information for the county coordinator is available here.

No Warranty

All information on this site is provided without warranty of any kind.


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