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"One More Mountain to Cross"
Collins Family
submitted by: Brenda Dillon

Published in the Appalachian Quarterly, Wise Co. Va.

An historical account of a Collins family journey, and the footsteps of their descendants.

By Frankie Blackburn with Brenda Collins Dillon, Joyce Lea Kollenberg, Cynthia Jane Steeley, and additional sources provided by John Trulinger.

©1998 Frankie A. Blackburn. All Rights Reserved.

The following will be a compilation of the work of several researchers who, record by record, will try to piece together the history of the Collins family of Appalachia. This family cannot simply be traced to the "immigrant" ancestor, as some families can. There are many questions yet unanswered.

The names of many Collins men; Lewis, David, Thomas, Vardy, Valentine, Meredith, Elisha, Ambrose, George, Joseph, John Sr., John Jr., Joshua, George and Griffin Collins have appeared in many documents; tax lists, census records, deeds, land transactions, court cases and so on, in the states of North Carolina, Virginia and Tennessee for many years. They crossed many mountains and flat boated down many streams. The trail is not definitely marked, and has many crooks and bends, much like the mountain streams they lingered near. To find our heritage is a mountain in itself.. Yes, they have left us.. one more
mountain to cross.

Researching this group of men has become a major undertaking, and has presented a most interesting challenge to many researchers and descendants. The exact relationship of these men is yet to be determined, but there is definitely some sort of relationship between them. Brothers, maybe, fathers and sons.. time and research will tell.

Vardy and his descendants have been well documented through Melungeon research. Many of the others, believed to be very close kin to Vardy, are not as well known.

Lewis, Meredith, David and Griffin are the ancestors of the authors, and what is known of these men and their descendants will be the subjects of this writing. As with any research, this will be subject to modification as new records are found, and in no way is to be considered all-inclusive.

Many years and pages of research have yielded very little. One thing is known for sure, these men left thousands of descendants throughout the Appalachian mountains, scattered among the hills and seeds in the wind, who intertwined with other families, Bowlings, Mullins, Gibsons, Perrys, Bunches, Goins, Taylors, Farmers, Moores, Coxes, ..and became as much a part of the mountains as the rambling honeysuckle vines.

The Melungeon factor, which has received much attention as of late, will not be dealt with here. We believe other researchers, historians, anthropologists and so on, can address this subject with much more knowledge than any attempt we could make. Our Collins line, however, is indeed, an ever-changing kaleidoscope of colors on the census and other records, and no doubt, the factor is there. The designations of "fpc", "mulatto" etc, are characteristic of the Melungeons, and are written beside our family names. The pictures in our grandmothers’ albums, and the lack of any "oral history" within the family bear this out; there is a difference.

The names Collins, Bowling, Gibson, Bunch and Riddle have been synonymous since the earliest records;

27 Jan 1742 Orange County, Virginia: Thursday the XXVIIth day of January MDCCXLIII "Alexander Machartoon, John Bowling, Manicassa, Capt. Tom, Isaac, Harry, Blind Tom, Foolish Jack, Charles Griffin, John Collins, Little Jack. Indians being brought before the court by precept under the hands and seals of Wm Russell & Edward Spencer, Gent. for terrifying one Lawrence Strother and on suspicion of stealing hoggs........" The above put up security individually. It was ordered that their guns be taken from them till they are ready to depart out of this county, "they having declared their intentions to the Court to depart this colony within a week"
(Orange Co..VA Order Book 3 1741-1743. 309) Orange Co Va Microfilm Reel 31, Va State Archives.

** 12 May 1742, Orange Co..Va, reference to "about twenty-six of the Saponi Indians that inhabit on "Colonel Spotswood's land [Wes White Papers].

1745 25 June Louisa Co Va..George Gibson, Thomas Gibson, Samuel Collins, Wm Collins, and others were in court for concealing tithables..they pled not guilty.

1747 Louisa Co VA: Thomas Collins sold 186 acres on Turkey Creek on the south side of the Southanna River to John Powell..the land lies near Gilbert Gibson, Thomas Gibson and Sam Bunch land.

1747 Louisa Co Va: Gilbert Gibson left a will naming sons Jordan, George and Gideon

1751 Grandville Co NC [became Orange in 1753] Thomas Gibson received 640 acres on the south side of Flatt River joining John Collins on the "Rocky Branch" He later sells part of this land to Joel Gibson in 1770.

Joel Gibson was in Wilkes Co NC on the New River where he and Thomas made land entries in 1780.

1752 Grandville Co NC: Thomas Collins received a land grant on the Flatt River on Dials Creek. Witnesses were Paul Collins, George Gibson and Moses Riddle.

It is believed that Moses Riddle is the father-in-law of Thomas Collins.

Several of these men fought in the Revolutionary War, as is evidenced in pension applications and military rosters. The name of Meredith Collins is emblazoned on a DAR plaque in Pike County, Kentucky. Very little information can be found on Meredith in the state of North Carolina, but many records have surfaced in Virginia and Kentucky. In a pension application for his services, Lewis Collins stated the accounts of his military career in the abstract below.

NARS Roll 614 , Collins, Lewis S21142 Hawkins Co TN 16 August 1834 [drew pension in Grainger Co TN]. Entered August 1776, drafted; Capt James Stean; Col. Williamson; marched against the Cherokees on the South Carolina frontier. " I was living in North Carolina, thinks the name of the county was Montgomery, on the waters of Broad River". In 1778, hired himself to make a crop to Charles Tompson in Montgomery County, NC: not then a man of family; drafted again. Capt. James Roan - dismissed after one month. Went to his father's house in Montgomery Co. VA - 1781, drafted. Capt. Gordan, Col. Malbury; joined General Green at the high hills of Santee; ordered to regiment of Col. Lock; took the prisoners to near Salisbury. Belongs to the Baptist Church in Hawkins Co TN. Born 1754 in Va..county not known; resides in Grainger Co

TN; Rev. John Kidwell, John Coffey, William Malicoat, David McAnally Esq. Thomas Crawley, Clergyman. Dowell Collins and Edmond Collins, heirs at law, Knox Co, TN.

If, in fact, the statements made by Lewis in this application are true and correct in chronology, he is not the father of Griffin Collins, as most researchers suggest. Griffin Collins was born in 1773 as best as can be determined by census records, and Lewis has stated that he "was not then a man of family" in 1778.

There are, however, very close ties between Griffin and Lewis Collins. Griffin Collins name appears on the marriage bond for Dowell Collins to marry Mary Ennis on September 22, 1806 in Grainger County Tennessee, and Dowell was named as one of the heirs at law in the pension application of Lewis. Griffin again served as bondsman for a marriage in Grainger County on October 8, 1821 between John Collins and Lydia Toner. This John Collins is believed to be John W. Collins, son of Meredith. Griffin and Lewis are almost always listed on records in very close proximity to each other, until Lewis no longer appears on the records. He was not listed in Grainger County after 1840. In 1834, at the time of the pension application, Lewis was 80 years of age, and some of the statements made by him may indeed, be debatable.

Another statement made by Lewis in his application "went to his fathers house in Montgomery County VA in 1781", narrows down the possibilities of the father of Lewis Collins.

On the 1782 Montgomery County Virginia personal property tax list, the following names are found; Aaron Collins, Ambros Collins, Daniel Collins, David Collins, George Collins, John Collins, Lewis Collins, Martin Collins, and Melinton Collins. Each was listed as having one tithe, and several horses and cattle between them.

Also, the Militia for the New River area may help to associate these men;

David Collins, On List of Captain James McDaniel's Company, ca. 1782
Meredith Collins, Cap’t James McDaniel’s Company
Elisha Collins, List of Elk Creek Militia on 9/6/1782.
George Collins, On List of Captain James McDaniel's Company, ca. 1782
John Collins, On 1777 List of Cox's Militia Company and on the 1782 Elk Creek Militia List.
Lewis Collins, On List of Captain James McDaniel's Company, ca. 1782

In looking at the tax list for 1793 Wythe Co., VA (formed 1793 from the lower and western part of Montgomery Co; 1793 list for New River District) the following names appear; Lewis Collins , John Collins Sr., Militent Collins, Benjamin Collins, John Collins Jr., David Collins, Absolem Collins , Mahlon Collins, Johnthan Collins and Joseph Collins.

Another document regarding Lewis’ military services is as follows;

Joseph Collins' affidavit in the pension application of Salethial Martin of Grainger County TN - "Was a small boy in 1780 when Capt. Martin came to the New River in Virginia and captured a group of Tories staying in a stone fort on the river. Among those captured were Lewis Collins and David Gibson who escaped later that night. I am intimately acquainted with both men and I have often heard them tell of making their escape from Capt. Martin".

It appears from this statement that Lewis Collins and David Gibson were assumed to be Tories? If this is the case, I don’t believe Lewis would have been granted a pension. He was, however, granted a pension in Grainger County, Tennessee.

In the late 1700’s, the Collins men had many land holdings in Wilkes and Ashe [formed from Wilkes in 1777] counties in North Carolina in the New River area. The deed books are a wealth of information in trying to determine relationships by "association".

According to the deed books, the Collins men were on the New River for many years.

Elisha seemed the most prosperous in land holdings as his name was found on more than twenty deeds. It is also interesting to note that Elisha signed his deeds with a signature rather than an "X", indicating he could read and write. Where he was educated is not known to the authors at this time..

The 1771 Botetourt County Virginia tax records bear the following names; Charles Collins (1 tithe), Samuel Collins (2 tithes), John Collins (4 tithes). A tithe is a male over 16 years of age.

The 1773 delinquent tax list for Botetourt County has the following names; David Collins, Elisha Collins, Ambrose Collins, Samuel Collins, John Collins, Lewis Collins, John Collins Jr., George Collins, Charles Collins and Micajah Bunch. Nearly all had the notation "Indian Lands" after their names. They were on the New River, outside the line that marked the Western boundary of the Virginia Colony.

Montgomery County formed from Botetourt in 1777. Botetourt County formed from Fincastle in 1771. The area where these men were living was right on the North Carolina / Virginia line. The men obviously went back and forth across the line, as they did in later years between Lee County, Virginia and Hancock County, Tennessee.

Elisha must have left this area briefly, as he was on the Grainger County Tennessee tax list for the year 1799.

DB B-1, p 120-4 March 1786, Ambrose Collins was a witness to a deed for land N side S fork New River at the mouth of Nathans Creek.

Wilkes Co NC Land Entry Book (1778-178?) These are by number and are brief descriptions of the entry. Often, the person who entered the land never obtained a grant from the State of NC for said land, but at the time it was entered they are believed to have been in the area.

#700-2 Jan 1779 Wm Lenoir entered 400 acres both sides Rocky Creek below Charles Collins’ old waste cabin.

#703-2 Jan 1779 Benjamin Cleveland entered 200 acres on S side S fork New River incl. improvements that Reubin Stringer and Samuel Collins now lives.

#737-2 Jan 1779 Benjamin Herndon entered 600 acres on Dogg Creek, water of New River including two old cabins formerly belonging to George Collins*.

*George Collins, in 1809, testified in a land dispute over land in Grayson County Virginia on Peach Bottom Creek [a branch of the New River], that he had settled on the land in 1767.

(Chalkleys Chronicles of the Scotch Irish Vol. 2 p. 143)

#1012- 9 June 1779- John Livingston entered 140 acres on head waters Beaver Creek adjoining Thomas land & Thomas Collins [Wilkes County, North Carolina land entries found in private papers of William Lenoir in University of North Carolina library, Chapel Hill, NC ]

#290 –9 July 1791 George Collins entered 50 acres on waters of New River.

#353 -9 July 1791 Elisha Collins entered 50 acres at upper end of Turtle Shoals, S fork New River including improvements where said Collins lives.

#369-9 July 1791 Joshua Collins entered 50 acres on waters of Cramberry Creek.

#371 - 9 July 1791- Lewis Collins entered 50 acres at the mouth of Fall branch E side S fork, New River.

#379-9 July 1791 David Collins entered 100 acres on Elk Creek adjoining Wm Hill.

It would appear from the above records, that George, Elisha, Joshua, Lewis and David made land entries the same day, and all were 50 acres. This could possibly be land grants for military service.

Wilkes County Deed Books (1778-1815) A-1,B-1,C-1,D-1,F-1,& G-H

DB, p . 42- 20 DEC 1791 George Reves was granted by N.C. 600 acres on New River adj. conditional line made between said Reeves and David Collins. On the 28th of Jan 1797 George Reeves of Grayson County sold this land, same description, mentioning the same David Collins.

DB D, p 329 4 April 1798 Thomas Collins bought for 15 pds , 70 acres of land on the S. side New River

DB D, p 750 13 Dec 1796 N.C. granted Vardy Collins 100 acres S side S fork New River

DB D p 412 27 Dec 1797- N.C. granted David Collins 50 acres adj Wm Hill.

ASHE COUNTY DEEDS (from index on microfilm, only have DB A & B in collection)

DB A......p. 4 13 Dec 1798 NC granted Elisha Collins 50 acres in Wilkes Co NC, on the N side S fork New River [warrant dated 3 June 1798]

DB D , p 412 27 Dec 1797- N.C. granted Griffin Collins 50 acres on branch of Elk Creek.

DB A.....p 174 26 March 1800 Griffin Collins, Ashe County to Moses Smith of Grayson Co. VA. 30 pds 50 acres N fork Elk Creek. Griffith X Collins (his mark)

Wit: Elisha Williams, John McMillion, Wm X Perry ( his mark)

264. Nov. 14, 1800 Griffith Collins enters 150 acres in Ashe Co; border: begins on the Virginia line and runs S & E; includes the vacant land between William "Periy" and the Virginia line.

Jan. 1, 1801 "Grifeths" Collins enters 60 acres in Ashe Co. On the waters of Little River, border: begins near Daniel Hoppes’ line and runs "various" courses; includes the vacant land "their abouts".

Grisey Collins, 1479 [sic: probably Griffey]

DB B p, 466 29 Nov 1803 NC granted Griffith Collins 150 acres in Ashe Co. adj the Virginia line, adj William Perrie. Volentin Collens, 197. Aug. 21, 1800. Volentin Collins enters 50 acres in Ashe Co. On "Brushe" Cr; border begins on Ashe Co. on Joel
Gibson’s lower line and runs down both sides of the creek; includes the "good and" vacant land "their abouts."

In 1801, this Valentine Collins was found in the minutes of the Stoney Creek Primitive Baptist Church, Scott Co, VA, being "received by experience". In 1803, he and wife were issued letter of dismissal. He is later found in Hawkins County, Tennessee.

Elisha Collins (also Collans, Collings)

629, 906, 1020, 1397, 1689, 1989, 1990, 2068,2099, 2193, 2194, 2405, 2406, 2716, 2946, 2947, 2949, 2968, 3069, 3629.

DB A,,,p 399 12 Dec 1802 N.C. granted Elisha Collins 150 ac Laurel Fork of New River adj Stephen Reed

DB A....p 434 12 May 1802 Elisha Collins , Ashe Co. to Mathias Carpenter 20 pds,

150 acres Laurel Fork of New River

s/ Elisha Collins

Wit: Elisha Baldwin, Jonathan X Miller (his mark) Mar. 8, 1802 Elisha Collins enters 150 acres in Ashe Co; border: begins on "Stephen" Reed’s line on Lorrel fork of New River and runs "various courses"; includes the "good" vacant land "there abouts".

DB B ...p. 258 14 Mar 1803 Elisha Collins to Wm Mc Gaha 50 pds for 50 acres S fork New River

...............s/ Elisha Collins

906. May 10, 1803 Elisha Collins enters 150 acres in Ashe Co on the waters of N fork of New R; border: begins on Vinson Holinsworth's corner tree, runs on both sides of said river, & runs E to said Holinsworth's line; includes the vacant land and runs "various courses".

Nov. 8, 1803 Elisha Collins enters 200 acres in Ashe Co. On S. side of N. Fork of New River; border: begins at a white oak on James Reed’s line on a ridge and joins James Reed’s line & Stephen Reed’s line.

DB B p. 68 29 Nov 1802 NC granted Thomas Collins 200 acres on Laurel Fork Elk Creek

Thomas Collins, 351, 790, 887, 1301, 1490

Mar. 9, 1801 Thomas Collins enters 50 acres in Ashe Co.; border: begins on Samuel

Phips’ line runs E, a& up New River.

Oct. 7, 1802 Thomas Collins enters 100 acres in Ashe Co.; border: begins at a chesnut tree on the "crols" of Lorrel fork of Elk Cr and runs "various courses".

Feb. 10, 1803 Thomas Collins enters 100 acres in Ashe Co. On S. side of New River and on head of Elk Cr., border begins in his own S. line includes "Suger" Cove.

DB B...p. 69 17 Dec 1802 NC granted Ambrose Collins 200 acres on Three Top

MT drean N fork New River adj Stephen Reed Ambros (Ambris Collins (Collands),) 108, May 1, 1800 Ambros Collins enters 200 acres in Ashe Co.; border: Stphen. Reed and John Little; includes the "good" land on waters of N fork of New River.

Apr. 27 1801 James "Bunyeard" Jr enters 300 acres in Ashe Co on N fork of New River; border: begins on "Mager" Bunyeard’s line near Three Top Mountain and runs "various" courses between said Bunyeard [or Banyeard] and Ambros Collins; includes the
"good" vacant land and "shuger" covers.

Nov. 2 1801 Ambrs. Collins enters 200 acres in Ashe Co on waters of fork of New R; border begins in Stephen Reed’s mountain line and John Little’s line; includes the "best good" vacant land "their abouts".

Nov. 24, 1803 "Ambris" Collins enters 300 acres in Ashe Co on waters of N fork of

New R; border: begins at his line, runs to Sidney Maxwell’s line, & joines "Mager Bunyeard’s" line; includes the "shuger" camps and "good" vacant land.

DB C , p. 51 NC to Abraham Collins

DB C, p . 137 NC to Elisha Collins

DB D , P. 11 Jousha Cox to Ambrose Collins

DB D, p. 71 William Richardson to Thomas Collins

DB D, p. 391 Elijah Estep to James Collins

DB T, p. 126 Robert Collins to Solomon Spence
DB T p. 352 Henry Davis to John Collins

DB V p. 284 Deed of Trust –Thomas Collins to Richard Gentry, Captain Herberts

Company of Militia; Lord Dunmore’s War 1774.
David Collins
Elisha Collins
John Jr Collins.
John Collins
Lewis Collins

The information below on the Bunch family may give us a clue as to the in-laws of Joseph Collins.

Henry Bunch, b. ca. 1690, living in Chowan Co., NC, when he acquired land in Bertie County. Described as a "Free Mulatto" in the 1763 Bertie tax list. d. 1775 leaving will naming children Jeremiah Sr.; Tamerson m Thomas Bass; Susannah m. Lazarus Summerlin; Rachel m Joseph Collins; Nancy m. Isaac Bass; Embrey (b. Ca 1730-35, m. Elizabeth, d. Bertie Co. 1789).

Jeremiah Bunch left a will in Bertie Co., NC in 1797 naming children; William (m. Mary Bunch 1785, d. 1816); Henry (b. ca. 1743, m. Eleanor Baysson 1764) ; Jeremiah Jr. (B. Ca. 1745, m. Judah Hill 1765, d. 1809); Nehemiah (d. 1815); Frederick (b. Ca 174508, d. 1810); Nancy m. Collins. A last will and testament of an Elisha Collins was located in Patrick County Virginia. It is not known at this time if this is the same Elisha we have been tracking, but there are familiar names contained therein, and some of the property he left was on Elk Creek, New River area..

Will of Elisha Collins, dec’d 1847

I, Elisha Collins, of the County of Patrick and State of Virginia, considering the uncertainty of this mortal life and being of sound mind and memory do make and publish this my last will and testament in the manner and form following.

1st - I desire that all of the perishable part of my estate be immediately sold after my decease And out of the money arising therefrom all of my past debts and funeral expenses be paid.

2nd - After the payment of my debts and funeral expenses, I give to my wife, Hannah Collins, one third part of my estate, both real and personal, for and during the term of her natural life and after her decease.

3rdly - I give to my son Jesse Collins my Fifty acre tract of land being and lying in the County of Patrick on the waters of Elk Creek and adjoining George W. King's land, Elizabeth King and Thomas Beasley I give it to him and his heirs forever.

4thly - I give to my son James Collins a part of the tract where I now live. Beginning at a Red Oak in the division line between me and Edward Collins and running with the road to William Burges line, Thence with William Burges’ line to Woody Burges’ line, thence with Woody’s line to a corner Post Oak on the side of the Brushy Mountain thence to a corner white oak in the division line between myself and Edward Collins Thence with the division line to the beginning. It also being and lying in the County of Patrick and on the waters of both branches of Turkey Cock Creek.

I also give my son James Collins Fifty acres of land, it also being in the County of Patrick and on the South waters of Elk Creek agreeable to patent bearing date on the 13th August 1841.

I also give my son James Collins my still, my household & kitchen furniture - except 2 beds, they are to be sold, and all of my tools and farming utensils. And one bond on Doctr. McCauless for Forty eight dollars. 5thly - I give to my son George Collins a part of the tract of land where he now lives - All on the North East side of the road, Running with the road from
William Lawson's line to William Burg's line, Thence with Burg’s line to Staple’s line. Thence with Staple’s line to Lawson’s line again.Thence with Lawson’s line to the beginning - It also being in the County of Patrick and on the waters of Elk Creek. I give it to him and his heirs forever.

6thly - I give my son William Collins One hundred and twenty five acres of land, lying and being in Stokes County North Carolina and Known by the name of the King tract. I give it to him and his heirs forever.

7thly - All the rest of my Estate both real and personal of what nature or kind it may be, not herein before particularly disposed of, I desire it may be equally divided amongst my several daughters, to wit Nancy Pringle, and her children / Elizabeth Pringle & her children / Sally Watkins & her children / Lydia Pringle & her children / I give to them & their heirs forever.

I do hereby appoint my son James Collins executor of this my last will and testament, hereby revoking all other or former wills or testaments by me heretofore made.

In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and affixed my seal this the 6th day of September 1847.

/s/ Elisha Collins (seal)

The above testament consisting of one sheet was now here subscribed by Elisha Collins, the Testator, in the presence of each of us and was at the same time declared by him to be his last will and testament. And we at his request signed our names hereto, as attesting witnesses.

/s/ John King- Residence in the County of Patrick VA.

/s/ John Walker- Residing in the County of Patrick VA.

/s/ William Wright- Residing in the County of Patrick VA.


Patrick County February Court 1863

The last will and testament of Elisha Collins dec'd was exhibited in court by James Collins, the executor therein named, proven by the oath of John Walker as to himself and the hand writing and the genuineness of the signatures of John King and William Wright was proven by said Walker and the said will was thereupon admitted to probate and ordered to be recorded.

/s/ L. G. Rucker, DC

Source: Patrick Co., VA, Will Book 6, Page 186 Please see page 31 for more information on the Collins/Bunch//Gibson families by Paul Heinegg.

What is known about the descendants Griffin Collins Sr, David Collins and Meredith Collins will be placed here. Every effort has been made to assure the accuracy of this information, but no doubt there will be errors. Any reader or researcher, with any additional information or citing any conflicting information, is asked to contact the authors whose names will be provided at the end of this report, with the proper addition or deletion, provided there is documentation to that effect.

The descendants of Griffin Collins

Griffin Collins Sr was born 1773 in North Carolina. He married Mossie/Martha Unknown .

Children of Griffin Sr and Mossie/Martha are:

William Collins, b. 1795, North Carolina.

Griffin Collins Jr, b. 1796, North Carolina.

Nancy Collins, b. 1798; m. Mr. Robinson

Allen Collins, b. 1803, Tennessee.

Alexander Collins, b. 1816, Tennessee.

Betsy Collins, b. 1817.

Riley Collins, b. 1818.

Griffin Sr is found on the 1796 tax list for Wilkes County, North Carolina, and on several land
entries in Ashe County from 1797 thru 1803.

Griffin and Mossie are presumed to have been living on Elk Creek in the New River Area of Wilkes and Ashe Counties, and moved to Grainger County ca 1803. No marriage record has been found as of this date. In 1804, Griffin is on the tax and census records of Grainger County, Tennessee where he remained until after the census was taken for the year 1840. In 1850 Griffin, Mossie, Nancy (Robinson) and Betsy are enumerated on the Russell County, Virginia census, living in same household.

By 1860, only Martha (Mossie), Nancy and Betsy are in the household in Wise County, VA, indicating Griffin has died in the 1850's. Many of the Collins descendants now residing in Wise County are, without a doubt, descendants of Griffin, Sr. Many of his descendants were already living in that area by 1836.

There is an improbable large chronological gap between the births of Allen and Alexander. I believe there are more children. One item of note here; two Griffith Collins were listed in Enlisted Men, War of 1812, Tennessee.

The first entry:

Collins, Griffith, Pvt., Col.. S Bunch, Cap’t S. Robinson. E. Tennessee Drafted Militia Discharged for inability. I believe this was Griffin Sr. The other Griffith Collins was probably his son Griffin Jr. b 1796, who at this time would be age 16; Collins, Griffith, Pvt. Regt Commander omitted. Cap’t Samuel Richardson, E. TN Drafted Militia.

Several more Collins men bearing the given names we have been tracking, were on this list. I may be wrong in my conclusion that the Griffith Collins who was discharged for "inability" was the elder, it could be the other way around and would possibly explain the large gap in the ages of the children.

The Second Generation

William Collins was born 1795 in North Carolina. He married Sarah Unknown.

Children of William Collins and Sarah are:

Mary Collins, b. 1826.

Sarah Collins, b. 1828; [believed to have married Isaac Massengill

Nancy E Collins, b. 1830.

William A Collins, b. 1833.

Hiram Collins, b. 1835.

Thomas Collins, b. 1838.

Catherine Collins, b. 1840.

Cynthia Collins, b. 1842.

James Collins, b. 1846.

Griffin Collins Jr was born 1796 in North Carolina. He married Matilda Mackey/McKee

Children of Griffin Jr and Matilda Mackey/McKee are:

Mary "Polly" Collins, b. 1830, Tennessee.

Andrew Collins, b. 1832, Grainger Co Tennessee.

Mourning Collins, b. 1833.

Lewis Collins, b. 1834, Tennessee.

Griffin Collins, b. 1835, Grainger Co Tennessee.

Matilda Collins, b. 1837, Lee Co VA.

Berry Collins, b. 1839, Lee Co VA.

Aaron Collins, b. 1840.Lee Co, VA

David Collins, b. 1841, Lee Co VA.

Caleb Collins, b. 1844, Russell Co VA; m. Ruth.

Joshua Collins, b. 1844. Russell Co, VA

Enoch Collins, b. 1846, Russell Co. VA m .Cindie Caudill

Ruth Collins, b. 1850, Russell Co. VA.

Allen Collins was born 1803 in Tennessee. He married Biddy (Obedience ?) Collins October 24, 1827 in Grainger County, Tennessee. Moses Collins was Bondsman.

Children of Allen Collins and Biddy Collins are:

Mahala Collins, b. 1825.

James Collins, b. 1830.

Paulina Collins, b. 1832.

Delila Collins, b. 1833.

Jerry Collins, b. 1836.

Celia Collins, b. 1838.

Elizabeth Collins, b. 1841.

Alexander Collins was born 1816 in Tennessee. He married Elizabeth.

Children of Alexander Collins and Elizabeth are:

Malinda Collins, b. 1840.

John Collins, b. 1843, Tennessee

Eliza Collins, b. 1845, Tennessee

Amanda Collins, b. 1848, Tennessee

Riley Collins was born 1818. He married Emaline McGinnis

Children of Riley Collins and Emaline McGinnis are:

Berry Collins, b. 1855.

Mary Ann Collins, b. 1858.

Caleb Collins, b. 1860.

Elizabeth Collins, b. 1870.

Ira G Collins, b. 1882.

Ryly Collins, b. 1879.

The Third Generation

Mary "Polly" Collins was born 1830 in Tennessee. She married Samuel P Cox, son of William A Cox

A picture of Mary "Polly" Collins Cox appears in the book; Melungeons: The Resurrection of a Proud People by N. Brent Kennedy. The marriage record found in Russell County, Virginia for Samuel and "Polly" indicates Samuel is son of William A Cox, and Polly is the daughter of Griffin and (Massey). I have noted in my research, that "Massie" is used as a nickname for Martha. Some researchers believe "Massey" is indeed, Matilda’s maiden name, which is entirely possible..but not yet proven. There were Massey families living in the same area in North Carolina.

Children of Mary "Polly" Collins and Samuel Cox are:

Elizabeth Cox, b. 1853, VA.

Vithey Cox, b. 1855.

William Cox, b. 1857.

Berry Cox, b. 1864, VA.

Matilda Cox, b. 1864, VA.

Emaline Cox, b. 1866.

Andrew Collins was born 1832 in Grainger Co Tennessee. He married Martha Perry November 14, 1860 in Wise Co VA, daughter of Nathan Perry and Mary Collins

Children of Andrew Collins and Martha Perry are:

Eli H Collins, b. 1860, VA.

Franklin Collins, b. 1861, VA.

Caroline Collins, b. 1868.

Lewis Collins was born 1834 in Tennessee. He married Charity Matilda.

Children of Lewis Collins and Charity Matilda are:

Noah Collins, b. 1856, Virginia.

Nancy Collins, b. 1858.

Mary J Collins, b. 1859, Virginia.

William R Collins, b. 1863, Virginia; m. Elizabeth Jane Stapleton, April 08, 1885.

Francis M Collins, b. 1866, Virginia.

Matilda R Collins, b. 1867.

Lucy L Collins b 1870

Joseph H Collins b 1872

Ordela Collins b 1876

David A Collins, b. 1877.

Roan R Collins, b. 1878.

Creed F Collins b 1879

Griffin Collins was born 1835 in Grainger Co Tennessee. He married (1) Rachel Ann Collins

March 17, 1858. He married (2) Margaret Milam 1878.

Children of Griffin Collins and Rachel Collins are:

Nelson Collins, b. 1859.

Sarah Collins, b. May 17, 1863, Virginia; d. August 05, 1930, Johnson County, Kentucky.

Mary Collins, b. 1866.

William Sherman Collins, b. January 30, 1868, Wise County, Virginia, d. April 11, 1951 Floyd
County, Kentucky

Calvin Collins, b. 1870.

Isaac Collins, b. 1871.

Hulda Collins, b. 1874.

Franklin P Collins, b. October 09, 1877; d. August 05, 1934; m. Sareld

Child of Griffin Collins and Margaret Milam is:

Emma Collins, b. 1888.

Berry Collins was born 1839 in Lee Co VA. He married Mary Ann

Children of Berry Collins and Mary Ann are:

Herman Collins, b. 1859, Virginia.

Susannah Collins, b. 1866; m. Abraham .....September 07, 1885.

The Fourth Generation

Noah Collins was born 1856 in Virginia. He married Margaret E Tipton March 22, 1876.

Children of Noah Collins and Margaret Tipton are:

Sola L Collins, b. 1878.

William L Collins, b. 1879.

Mary J Collins was born 1859 in VA. She married Noah A Hubbard March 27, 1878.

Child of Mary Collins and Noah Hubbard is:

Mary A Hubbard, b. 1880.

Sarah Collins was born May 17, 1863 in Virginia, and died August 05, 1930 in Johnson County,
Kentucky. She married John M Colvin December 23, 1881 in Johnson County, Kentucky, son
of Asa Colvin and Polly Mahan.

Children of Sarah Collins and John Colvin are:

Venice Colvin b ca 1884.

Oscar Colvin b. April 24, 1890.

Mary L Colvin, b. December 1892.

Martha A Colvin, b. January 1893.

Hershel Colvin, b. August 11, 1898

William Sherman Collins and his wife Louisa Bowlin

William Sherman Collins was born January 30, 1868 in Wise Co Va, and died April 11, 1951 in Floyd County, Kentucky. He married Louisa Bowlin December 15, 1888 in Floyd County, Kentucky, daughter of Daniel Bowlin and Fanny Halbert.

Children of William Collins and Louisa Bowlin are:

Daniel Harrison Collins, b. 1890.

William Nelson Collins, b. April 18, 1891, Floyd County, Kentucky; d. September 19, 1975, Floyd County, Kentucky, m. Gypsy Ann Farmer.

John Henry Collins, b. 1893; m. Anna Senters

Lodina Collins, b. 1894; m. J P Morgan

Malcolm Holbert Collins, b. 1899; m. (1) Lizzie Clevenger; m. (2) Jane Nelson.

Edna Naomi Collins, b. October 23, 1901; d. June 01, 1974.

Theodore Collins , b. 1906. d in a mining accident in Floyd Co., Kentucky.

The Fifth Generation

Daniel Harrison Collins was born 1890. He married Betty Jane Robinson

Children of Daniel Collins and Betty Robinson are:

Martha Collins, b. 1915; Sarah Ann Collins, b. 1917; John Henry Collins, b. 1918

William Nelson Collins was born April 18, 1891 in Floyd County, Kentucky, and died September 19, 1975 in Floyd County, Kentucky. He married Gypsy Ann Farmer August 10, 1915 in Prestonsburg, Kentucky, daughter of James M Farmer and Mary Frances Dye. He was well known and loved by all who knew him. "Daddy" to many, "Papaw" to hundreds, and "Uncle Nelse" to friends and neighbors.

Children of William Collins and Gypsy Farmer are:

Levicy Collins, b. 1916; d. June 1926, Floyd County KY

Malcolm Holbert Collins, b. 1919, d 1987 m Edith Hall

William Sherman Collins, b. December 04, 1920, Floyd County, KY, d July 29, 1973, Plymouth,
IN m. Fairy Belle Burchett

Sylvia Collins b ca 1921 d young

Maggie Collins, b. April 01, 1923; d. July 11, 1958, m Carl Wiley b 1920 d 1984

Lydia Frances Collins, b. July 08, 1926, Floyd County, Kentucky m (1) Sam Crider m (2)

Thomas Jr Burga

Mary Alice Collins b 1934 d 1980’s m Harry E Layne

Hascue Collins, b. March 16, 1928, Floyd County, Ky; d. April 15, 1995; m Mary Lou Hatfield

Lizzie Mae Collins, b. September 1930, d 1996 m Darwin McGuire

Edna Grace Collins b 1934, d ca 1938

Nelson Jr Collins, b. November 1936, m Ruby Shell

Mildred Irene Collins, b. September 1941, m Vernon Powers

There is no doubt in this authors mind that this family, descendants of Griffin Collins Sr., is of Melungeon descent. They possess all the physical characteristics said to be common among the Melungeons. One look at the picture William Sherman Collins, William Nelson Collins, and the children of William Nelson Collins is all that needs be said. In the picture of William Nelson’s children, the little dark haired, green eyed girl in the middle is my mother.

As stated previously, other researchers are more knowledgeable in this subject than I, and I feel they can better acquaint others with this information.

I was not, however, prepared for my findings on the records. I had been told that the dark skin, high cheekbones, etc., was from our "Indian" ancestry, which could very well be possible, but it did not explain the designations for Griffin Sr’s and Griffin Jr’s family members as "fpc", and Griffin and Rachels designation as "mulatto". I am very proud of my heritage, whatever it may be, and hope to someday find the missing pieces that will explain it. Above all else, this is my family, and I would not wish it any other way.

The Descendants of Meredith Collins

Eula Collins Conley was a cousin of mine, and a dear friend of my mothers. They wrote back and forth for many years, exchanging information on their families. Many years after her death I was sent a book that was written by Marlin Cline, another cousin, who put much of Eula's work in print. It was titled " The Clines of West Virginia & Connecting Families". Much of the following has been extracted from the book, and reprinted here with permission. Records that I have found since the book was printed are added in brackets.

Meredith D Collins was the first of the line for whom any information is available. It has been necessary to piece together fragments of information from Mrs. Conley and from the census data of 1810 and 1820 for Floyd County, KY (now Pike Co., KY), to arrive at what appears a reasonable approximation of Meredith's family.

Mrs. Conley's research has established that Meredith Collins married twice and probably had a common-law wife and a child out of wedlock after his second wife died. The name of the first wife is not available, but she is known to have borne Meredith a son Bradley in 1787 and probably bore him a daughter also before her death. Meredith appears to have married a second wife, Polly Halloway, about 1790-95, and Mrs. Conley provided the names and birth dates of three of her sons: Archibald, born 1800; James, born 1804; and William, born 1806. In addition she knew of an Edward (Ned) and a John W. Collins who she had reason to believe were Meredith's and Polly's sons.

[Meredith's birth is calculated by census reports, and his Revolutionary War Military application as being 1760, Virginia. The earliest report of Meredith is in Christianburg, Virginia when he andthree other Collins men joined the Revolutionary War in 1776. This would make Meredith joining at the age of 16 years. George, David, and Lewis were the other three men. No mention is made of his parents or if there was a relationship between the Collins Four, however the four remain in close contact with each other until 1797 Wilkes Co. NC.]

The 1810 Census of Floyd County, KY, reported in Meredith's household:

1-male, age over 44 years- Presumably Meredith. He was age 50.
1-female, age 25-44- Presumably Polly. She was born 1765-70.
1-female, age 15-24 (born 1786-1795).
1-female, age 10-14 (born 1796-1800).
2-males, ages 10-14 (born 1796-1800).
4-males, ages 0-9 (born 1801-1810).

Bradley, known to have been born in 1787 would have been 23 years old in 1810 and had presumably left Meredith's household. The 1820 census showed 6 Collins men as heads of households in Floyd County in addition to Meredith:

-Bradley, age 25-44 (born in 1787, so 33 years old).

-Edward, age 20-24 (born in 1796-1800).

-Reuben, age 20-24 (born in 1796-1800).

-William, age 25-45 (born in 1775-1795.

-George- failed to record age.[could this be the George that Meredith entered the military with in 1776?]

-Jeremiah- failed to record age.

Of these, Bradley, Edward, and Reuben are consistent with the ages of male children in Meredith's household in 1810. The William Collins who was the son of Polly and Meredith and was the father of Matilda Collins who married Jacob Cline. The names George and Jeremiah have not been encountered elsewhere. It appears likely that the William, George, and Jeremiah Collins of the list above were not Meredith Collins' children, although they could have been. From Mrs. Conley's data and the census records, the following appears to be a reasonable explanation of the members of Meredith's household as recorded in the 1810 census:

1-male, age over 44- Meredith Collins, b. 1760
1-female, 25-44 years- Polly (Halloway) Collins, b. ca 1765-70.
1-female, 15-24 years- Unidentified daughter, first wife. [ possibly Amy or Anna that takes over as head of household in later census reports]
1-female, 10-14 years- Unidentified daughter, of Polly.
1-male, 10-14 years- Reuben, b. 1796-1800 (1820 census)
1-male, 10-14 years- Edward, b. 1796-1800 (1820 census)
1-male, 0-9 years- John W. b. 1800-1809? [1799-1802 according to census]
1-male, 0-9 years- James, b. 1804 (Mrs. Conley).
1-male, 0-9 years- William, b. 1806 (Mrs. Conley).

The outline that follows used this interpretation. To distinguish index numbers of the Collins family from those of the Cline family of PART I, the letter "c" is used as the first digit.

*c.-Meredith "Meredy" Collins - Veteran of the Revolutionary War b. 1760 Virginia*, d. 1841 Pike Co., KY

Revolutionary war- Montgomery-Fincastle Counties Division under Captain James McDaniell. (his name is on a plaque by the courthouse, Pikeville, KY)eredith Collins was probably son of John Collins Sr. who was son of old Thomas of Orange Co. NC then to Pittslyvania Co. VA, came from Louisa Co. VA (Montgomery Co. militia 1780's by Kegly) (Osborn Company )

Benjamin Sexton

Charles Sexton

* David Collins

George Collins

* Meredith Collins (enlisted 1776 at age 16, makes him in his 20's)

* Lewis Collins (son of John)

Elisha Collins (refused to take Oath of Allegiance 1777)

John Sexton

William Bowlin

William Riddle ( son of Moses)

John Riddle ( son of Moses)

Samuel Collins

John Collins (Probably a Jr.) M. 1-Unidentified woman ca 1782-85 [This would be during his militia service in Montgomery Co., VA] probably Upper New River along the VA/NC border probably Russell Co., VA. Name on tax rolls 1799-1809; children:

c.1-Bradley Collins b.1787, probably Wilkes Co. N.C. d. after 1844, probably Appanoosa Co., IA, m 1-Unidentified woman, in Virginia ca

c.1-Andrew Collins b.1811, probably Russell Co., VA d. possibly Iowa, later than 1844. M "Betsy" Sizemore ca 1830's; 1. Clay Co., KY ca 1830-1840; 2-Chariton Co., MO ca 1840-1844; Appanoosa Co., IA 1844-?

c.1-Lewis Collins b. 1837, Clay Co., KY. Civil War Veteran.

c.2-Samson Collins b. 1841, Chariton Co. MO. Civil War.

c.3-Archibald "David" Collins b. 1844, Chariton Co., MO. or Appanoosa Co., IA.

c.4-Polly Ann Collins b. 1848, Appanoosa Co., IA. M Phillip Newton Smith 3/26/1871, Scott Co. MO

c.2-? Bradley had several children by his first wife, but the number and their names are not known. M. 2-Catherine Barney, 7/28/1831, Clay Co., KY. No Children? M. 3-Betsy Griffin, 2/16/1833, Clay Co., KY. No children? M. 4-Elizabeth Lunsford 9/5/1836

Bradley sold his property in Clay County in 1839 and with Elizabeth and Bradley's son Andrew's family went to Carroll Co., MO by flatboat down the Kentucky and Ohio Rivers.

In 1844, Bradley went to Appanoosa Co., IA with Andrew's family. His wife does not appear in the 1850 census and probably had died.

c.2-daughter, unknown name b. 1786-1795 probably Russell Co. VA (based on 1810 census of Floyd Co. KY) [ this daughter would have been from the first marriage; full sister to Bradley. During the 1840 census the head of house in the Meredith Collins household is Amy Collins. Is it possible this is the first daughter of Meredith?]

Meredith Collins continued: m.2-Polly Halloway ca 1895, Russell Co., VA b ca 1765 d ca 1812, Floyd Co., KY (Pike Co., KY) h. 1-Russell Co., VA to ca 1799-1809, h.2-Floyd Co., KY, ca 1808-1841 (Pike Co., KY after 1821) Believed to have lived in the Shelby-Caney Creek area, about 10 miles south of Pikeville, until 1838 when a Richard P. Robinson was appointed his "overseer" and he was described as a "poor man." He was apparently living in the Robinson household at the census of 1840. One would assume that he was senile (court records in Pike Co. show Meredith accused his sons of stealing his land and refused to live with any of them).

c.3-daughter, unknown name b. 1796-1800 Russell Co. VA (based on 1810 census of Floyd Co. KY) [from names used by Meredith’s children for their own children the one that is used most often is Lucinda. This could have been the name of the second daughter of Meredith]

c.4-Reuben Collins b.1796-1800 Russell Co. VA (based on 1810 enumeration of Meredith’s household in Floyd Co., KY & a Reuben Collins as head of household in 1820 census of Floyd Co., KY, who was the right age.) M. Unidentified woman b 1796-1800 (1820 census)

c.1-son b.1811-1820 (1820 census) 1815?

c.2-son b.1811-1820 (1820 census)

c.3-daughter b.1811-1820 (1820 census)

c.4-daughter b.1811-1820 (1820 census)

c.5-daughter b. 1811-1820 (1820 census)

Records lacking after 1820

*c.5-Edward "Ned" b. 1796-1800 [1802] Russell Co. VA d. after 1870 [1879 Mingo Co.WV] m. 1-Polly [Blackburn] Bryant, ca 1810. Probably Floyd Co., KY b before 1795 m. 2-Anna Justice

There were several children by the two women, the names of only two of whom are known. [Further research has added children in addition to the 1st 2]

c.1-Hiram Collins [(Taylor) b 1855 VA.

c.2-John Wiley Collins b. 1843 VA

c.3 Nancy Collins b. 1833 VA

4.Edward Collins Jr. b. 1835 VA

5.Arminta Collins b. 1838 VA

6.L. Taylor b. 1846 VA

7.Jack J. Taylor b. 1849 VA

8.Mary J. Taylor b. 1850 VA

9. Sarvilda L. Taylor b. 1848 VA

[1860 Pike Co. census shows this family w/ Taylor children. I don't know where they came from however I know later Hiram Taylor changed his name to Collins. Edward Collins is said by family to have been half Indian blood. His father is said to have married an Indian girl in an Indian ceremony and to them was born a beautiful baby boy. Edward's father knowing how hard his life would be, stole the baby and slipped out into the night. I guess it is possible that Meredith left his first wife and children in NC and become involved with the Indian girl. This information came from Harold Keith Talbot of Weston, WV. and Mrs Vernice Trimble of Valparaiso, Indiana who also believe that Edwards was son of George Collins, possibly related to Meredith. [NOTE: a George enlisted with Meredith in 1776.]

* Information mainly from Eula Conley but supplemented by the 1810 and 1820 census of Floyd Co..

*c.6-Archibald b. 1800 [Russell Co. VA.] d. ca. 1886 possibly Roane Co. WVA m.Margaret "Peggy" Coats 5/18/1824 Pike Co., KY [1887 Roan Co. WV] b. VA, mother’s name "Jensey Coats" h. 1-Pike Co., KY, 1824-?; h.2-Malden, Kanawha Co., VA (WV); and h.3- Roane Co., VA (WV) before 1860. [Moved to Roan Co. 1840; received a land grant of 150 acres of land on Big Sandy River from State of Virginia. ROAN CO DEED BOOK P 125].

c.1-Matilda Collins 1839 Pike Co. KY never married. Her parents deeded their land in Roane Co. To her in 1882.

c.2-John Wesley Collins b.[1833 Pike Co KY mar. Fanny Cadle]

c.1-James Russell Collins b.

c.2-Arvid Russell Collins

c.3-Euorkia "Yorkie" Collins b.? M. Elija Truman 1/21/1864 Roane Co., WV. They were the parents of Harry Turman, who died in the 5/18/1980 eruption of Mr. St. Helen’s in Washington State. He was an elderly man.

c.4-Henry Newberry Collins (Orvis Floyd Collins', great-grandfather)

c.5-Jenny Collins

c.6-Washington Collins

c.7-Lucinda Collins m. Ananias Truman, brother of Elija Truman.

c.8-Reesse Collins

3. Eliza Collins b. 1825 Pike Co. KY married Hugh Burnes

4. Jane Collins b. 1828 Pike Co. KY married Walter George

5. Lucinda Collins b. 1834 Pike Co KY married Ananis Truman

6. Ressee Collins b. 1836 Pike Co. KY

7. Euva Collins b. 1845 Pike Co Ky

8. Youwarkie Collins b. 1844 Pike Co. KY married Elija Truman

9. Henry Newberry Collins b. 1848 Jackson Co WV married Sarah Frame

10. Washington Collins b. 1851 VA.

*All of the above from Eula Conley.

c.7-John W Collins b.[1799-1802,] Probably Russell Co. VA m.1-Unidentified woman [possible this woman could be Lydia Toner. A marriage record was found in Grainger Co., TN 1821 to a John W. Collins. Griffin Collins was the bondsman. I followed this family from TN to Tazewell Co. through census reports. The couple are the correct age, and have the correct children' names found in the family bible of my g-grandmother. It is also documented in the Riffe Family History , a book written by Fred J. Riffe 1995. Names in the bible were John W. Collins Jr., William, Jacob, Benjamin, Cicil, Ira, Alfred, Arnetta, and Richard.] m.2-Mary "Polly" O’Roark.

John had children by both women, but names and the number are not known, except for one son, Richard Collins. Little is known of John and his family, He was probably one of the children tabulated as 0-9 years old in Meredith's household in Floyd Co., Ky, in 1810, but he was not head of a household there in 1820, though he had apparently left Meredith's household by that time. In 1850, he was in what is now McDowell Co., WV, with William Collins, Jr. and the two families knew each other. John and his wife both died at relatively young ages, and one of their sons went to live with William Collins, Jr.

*Except ages and locations noted from the 1810 and 1820 census reports, the information above came from Eula Conley.

[Children of John W. and Polly Roark Collins were: census McDowell Co.WV 1860 & 1870]

Alfred Collins b. 1853 Tazewell Co. VA.

Arnetta "Nettie" Collins b. 1855 Tazewell Co. VA.

Richard Collins b. 1858 Tazewell/McDowell Co VA/WV]

*c.8-James Collins b.1804, Russell Co., VAm.1-Susan Holloway 10/4/1824, Pike Co., Ky. The record states that Susan was "over 14 years of age." He left Pike Co., KY, in 1825 and recorded by 1850 and 1860 censuses in Kanawha Co., VA (WV), at Tornado.

c.1-Seth D. Collins b. ca 1826

c.2-Margaret Collins b. ca 1828

c.3-Susanna Collins b. ca 1833 m.2-Unidentified woman.

A gap of 16 years occurred between James’s third and fourth child (1833-1849). This is thought to signify that Susan (Halloway) Collins died sometime after 1833 and that James remarried before 1849.

c.4-Virginia Collins b. ca 1849

c.5-Mary Collins b. ca 1854

c.6 -William Collins b. ca 1857

*Information from Eula Conley, who used the 1850 and 1860 census records among several sources.

*c.9-William Collins b. 4/13/1806, Russell Co., VA d. 3/30/1896, Craigsville, Nicholas Co., WV

Complete Revision of the Descendants of William Collins, Sr.

After the author had sent the manuscript for "Cline and Related Families of West Virginia" to be reproduced, he discovered an obscure note in correspondence from Eula Conley that she believed an Orvis F. Collins of 146 North Brier Road, Amherst, NY 14228, a Professor at the New York State University at Buffalo, was working on the genealogy of the Collins family. The author wrote to Professor Collins, mainly to see if he know what had happened to Mrs. Conley, for the author had not been able to contact her for some time, but also to ask if there would be a document about the Collins family that could be purchased. Professor Collins responded promptly with the information that Mrs. Conley had died and also included with his letter about 30 pages of outline of the descendants of William Collins, Sr., a great grandfather of the author. That information, with much more complete and detailed documentation than this author has provided, goes far beyond the outline of pages 80-83 in the section on the "Collins Family Connection" and reveals a number of errors.

It seemed a pity not to include the basic parts of Professor Collins' information as well as correct the errors it reveals. Consequently, with Professor Collins' permission, that which follows is drawn from his data and presented as an addendum to be inserted in the booklet, which had been reproduced and bound. The addendum, like the booklet itself, is on acid-free paper. The author is most grateful to Professor Collins for permission to draw from his material.

The addendum is, at best, an abbreviation of the detail provided by Professor Collins. The author has used the data on birth, marriages, and deaths of the first two generations following William Collins, Sr., in somewhat abbreviated form but has been content to list descendants of any following generations, or their numbers if names were lacking, without further elaboration. Index numbers follow the conventions used in the body of the booklet. With the November, 1990, revision, this Addendum,originally used as an insert, becomes part of the more inclusive Addendum beginning on p.101.

*c.9-William Collins b. 4/13/1806 Russell Co. VA d. 3/30/1896 Craigsville, Nicholas Co., WV [buried Blankenship Cemetery] m. 1-Mary "Polly" Mullins 3/22/1829, Pike Co., KY. Daughter of William H. Mullins. (See "The Mullins Family Connection") h. 1-Pike Co., KY to about 1835; h. 2-Russell Co., VA ca 1836-before 1850 (Matilda was born here); h. 3-Tazewell Co., VA before 1850 to ca 1851; h. 4-Pike Co., KY ca 1851 - after 1870 settled at rapids in Tug Fork opposite Bens Creek, where he established a mill using water power; h. 5-Logan Co., WV after 1870-1882; h. 6- Craigsville, Nicholas Co., WV, 1882-1896.

(The above includes homes with both wives)

c.1-William Collins, Jr. b .2/2/1830, Pike Co., KY, d. 7/2/1905 Holcomb, Nicholas Co., WV [New Hope Cemetery, Fenwick Mt. Nicholas Co., WV] m. Nancy Lambert 6/1851 Tazewell Co., VA. Nancy’s siblings, Isaac and Hiram, married William Collins, Jr.’s sisters, Lucinda and Louisa. [b. 1830 d. 1897 Nicholas Co., WV. Parentage never established]

c.1-William Floyd Collins

c.2-Lilly Collins b.4/1876, WV m. (Unknown first name) Cox, ca 189

c.1-Chloe P. Cox b.12/1896

c.2-Lucy A. Cox b.12/1898

c.3-Other children of William, Jr. and Nancy Collins?

c.2-Lucinda Collins 1832, Pike Co., KY m. Isaac Lambert 9/8/1851, Tazewell Co., VA (Brother of Nancy Lambert who married William Collins, Jr.)

c.1-Alafair Lambert b. 1852 m. Frederick Trent. Son of Frederick and Agnes Trent of Russell Co., VA (relationship of Frederick Trent who married Susannah Cline is unknown, if any)

c.3-Pricey Collins b.1834, Pike Co., KY, d. 1850, age 16 by suicide after bitter scene with William Collins, Sr. when she became pregnant out of wedlock. It has been said that it was remorse from this incident that prompted William Collins to take up religion. Davis (ca 1896), however, wrote that he converted in 1837, and it appears more likely that his
unyielding fundamentalist religious beliefs may have contributed to Pricey’s suicide.

c.4-Matilda Collins b.1836, Russell Co., VA. D. 1920, Staples, Todd Co., MN, m. Jacob "Alum Jake" Cline 7/2/1852, Logan Co., VA. 12 children were born to this couple, 11 of whom lived to adulthood and became the foundation of "The Clines of Minnesota."

c.5-Louisa "Eliza" Collins 1839, Russell or Tazewell Co., VA, d. 1881, McDowell Co., WV, m. Hiram Anderson Lambert 1/20/1860, Logan Co., VA (WV) b. 1839, probably Tazewell Co., VA. Brother of Isaac and Nancy Lambert.

c.1-Phillip S. Lambert m. Lucinda Mullins

c.2-William Lambert

c.3-Thomas Lambert m. Evaline Mitchell

c.4-John S. Lambert

c.5-Matilda J. Lambert

c.6-Amanda Lambert m. George David Kerr

c.1-Aileen Kerr m. (Unknown first name) Osborn Kearny, NB

c.7-Victoria Lambert

(Hiram Lambert remarried twice after Louisa Collins Lambert died in 1881 m.2-Charlotte Beavers 3/4/1882 d.1894

c.1-Eliza Lambert b.1894, m. W. Turner 1894; m. 3- Rebecca Cyphers Allison 4/17/1896 McDowell Co., WV

c.6-John Collins b. ca 1843-45 Russell or Tazewell Co., VA d. after 1880; before 1895, Logan Co., WV. Unmarried.

c.7-Arvid Collins 1846-48, Russell or Tazewell Co., VA d. ? m. Sarah Mullins (common law wife)

c.1-William Collins

c.2-John Collins

c.3-Pricy Collins (named after Arvids dead sister Pricey)

c.8-Floyd Collins b. ca 1850, Pike Co., KY This individual is believed to have been a child of William and Mary (Mullins) Collins, but that has not been confirmed.

c.9-Arminda Collins b.4/15/1852, Pike Co., KY d.2/1926, Simon, Wyoming Co., WV, m. Humphry Trent 10/1/1874, Logan Co., WV, b. 1853, Gilbert Creek Valley, Logan Co., VA (Mingo Co., WV) d. ? Son of Frederick and Susannah (Cline) Trent

c.1-Laura Jane Trent b.4/25/1875 WV d.6/19/1952 m. William Sherman Walls 8/22/1895

c.1-Glady Walls m. ? Hatfield

c.2-Sampson Trent b. 11/4/1876 WV d. Logan Co., WV m. Allie Toler 2/2/1901

c.3-John Melvin Trent b.9/21/1877 WV d. OH m. Minnie Toler 3/2/1912

c.4-Howard Ancel Trent b.1/14/1879, WV d.Logan Co., WV m. Ocie Spratt 12/24/1900

c.5-Leona Trent b.7/4/1880 d.4/27/1970, Wyoming Co., WV m. William Frank Hatfield

c.6-Arminda Victoria Trent b.4/28/1883 WV d.5/6/1964 m. James Albert Toler 10/29/1907

c.1-Ray Toler

c.7-Viola Trent b.4/7/1882 WV d.1/9/1906 m. Scott Spratt

c.8-Anna Trent b.2/2/1885 WV d.6/1965, m. George O. Dietrick 3/27/1916

c.9-Samantha Trent b.4/14/1886 WV d.1/4/1888

c.10-Euorkie Trent b.2/25/1888 WV d.2.1965 m. U. B. Christian

c.11-Romanza Madge Trent b.7/11/1891 d.9/22/1957, CA, Navy Nurse, WWI m. Frank Miller 10/22/1918

c.1-Ann Miller m. ? Banas

c.2-Alice Miller m. ? Birthrong

c.12-William Sherman "Shake" Trent b.1/31/1895 Wyoming Co., VA, d. 10/25/1958 Prince Georges Co., MD, m. Garnet Delong 1924.

c.10-Samson Collins b.5/22/1854 Pike Co. KY d.11/26/1942 Mossyrock, Lewis Co., WA.

Sampson moved his family to Mossyrock in 1902. Sampson Collins’ descendants may be of special interest to the "Minnesota Clines" for he was a favorite of Matilda (Collins) Cline’s children before they left for Minnesota in 1871, though he was only 10 years old when they left. Matilda’s son, Sampson, was named after this uncle. M. Florence Mainard 2/1/1880 Logan Co., WV, b. 1862

c.1-Willie Z. Collins b.7/23/1881, Logan Co., WV d.12/20/1939, m. Ada Gay Collins

c.1-Albert Collins

c.2-Oscar Collins b.7/13/1883, Logan Co., WV d.7/10/1948, m. Pearl Abshier

c.1-Carl L. Collins

c.2-Marie Collins m. ? Canaway

c.3-Hattie May Collins b.7/11/1887 Logan Co. WV d.10/27/1958 Lewis Co., WA m. Albert Stewart

c.4-Minnie Myrtle Collins b.1/9/1890 Nicholas Co., WV d.4/30/1973 Jefferson Co., WA m. Roy Morton Ellis

c.1-Dorothy Lee Ellis died at 1 year

c.2-Bernice Eileen Ellis m. ? Seibold

c.1-Ronald Dale Seibold

c.2-Sherrill Ann Seibold, m. ? Brown

c.3-Florence Alcinda Ellis

c.4-Betty Louise Ellis, m. ? Scott

William Collins, Sr. m.2-Mary A. "Molly" Hatfield 11/25/1860 Logan Co., VA (WV) daughter of Joseph and Nancy (Evans) Hatfield

c.11-Samuel Collins b.9/20/1862 Pike Co. KY d.10/3/1937 Multnomah Co., OR, m. Nebraska Rocilla Cutlip 10/15/1891 Nicholas Co., WV

c.1-Lucretia Ross Collins b.12/20/1892 Webster Co., WV d.1/23/1980 Navy Nurse in WWI with Romanza Trent m. Thomas Randolf Mahoney 4/30/1919 Norfolk, VA

c.1-Carol Eileen Mahoney, m. ? Nelson

c.2-Thomas Collins Mahoney

7 children: Thomas Randolf II, Steven Allen, Jill Kathleen, Mark Morris, Gary Robert, John Michael & James Patrick Mahoney

c.2-Lura Edith Collins b.4/8/1894 WV d.10/25/1949 Portland, OR m. William Short 5/23/1931 Clark Co., WA. No children

c.3-Gertrude Leone Collins b.1/1/1896 WV d.1/11/1988, m. George Otis Webb 11/10/1923 Clark Co., WA

c.1-Eugene Phelps Webb

c.4-William Hobart Collins b.1/6/1898 WV d.1/28/1984 Multnomah Co. OR, m. Ruby Isis Bell 4/24/1926 Clark Co., WA

c.1-Maxine Carol Collins m. Arthur O’Conner

c.1-Kelly Jay O'Conner

c.2-Kathy Lynn O'Conner

c.2-Donald Hobart Collins

c.1-Norma June Collins m. ? Hendrick

c.1-Ashley Hendrick

c.2-Gordon Walter Collins

c.5-Herman Elmo Collins b.1899 WV d. Multnomah Co., OR

c.6-Eula Irene Collins b.1899 WV d.1988 Portland, OR, m. Russell Woodyard Conley 2/30/1928 Portland, OR. No children. Primary source of data for the information in this addendum.

c.12-Tobias Archibald "Arch" Collins b.3/22/1863 Pike Co., KY, d. 3/15/1914 Lewis Co., WA, m. Rebecca Jane Holcomb 5/10/1899 Nicholas Co., WV

c.1-Zella Loreen Collins b. 4/11/1901 Nicholas Co., WV, m. 1-Marion Carl Davis 6/24/1920 Lewis Co., WA

c.1-Clinton Davis

c.2-Genevieve Davis

c.3-Norma Jean Davis, m. ? Moore

c.1-Debra Moore, m. 1- ? Munson, m. 2- ? McGuistio

c.2-Lawrence E. Collins b. 1/29/1900 d.2/12/1900

c.3-Edward Reginald Collins b.6/16/1202 Nicholas Co., WV, d. 4/11/1963 Multnomah Co., OR, m. Mary Victoria Giacchero 10/26/1924 WA

c.1-Edward Reginald Collins, Jr.

c.1-Mary Marguerite Collins

c.2-Caroline Collins

c.2-Ronald William Collins

c.1-Ronald William Collins, Jr.

c.2-Robert Edward Collins

c.3-William Paul Collins

c.4-Edward James Collins

c.4-Roy Ora Collins b.10/26/1912 Lewis Co. WA d.1/6/1986 Woodland Hill, CA m. Verna Viola Wentzy 12/16/1936

c.13-Nancy Jane "Jane" Collins b.7/4/1866 Pike Co., KY d.10/16/1918 Nicholas Co., WV (Pneumonia) m. Thomas Wesley Blankenship 9/12/1883 Logan Co., WV

c.1-Grover Cleveland Blankenship b.12/9/1884 d.10/12/1912 Nicholas Co., WV

c.2-Willie Rosco Blankenship b.4/25/1886 d.6/2/1886 Nicholas Co.WV

c.3-Louise Straus "Opal" Blankenship b.11/18/1887 Nicholas Co., WV, d. 2/17/1967, m. Paris Anderson Herald

c.14-Aaron Collins b.8/20/1868 Pike Co.KY d.1/17/1924 Cassia Co. ID, m. Margaret Shepard 12/25/1888 Nicholas Co., WV

c.1-Levi Harrison Collins b.1/6/1890 Nicholas Co., WV, d. 3/20/1972 Multnomah Co., OR, m. Eleanor Walters, Pierce Co., WV

c.2-Alice Ada Collins b. 8/29/1898 Cassia Co., ID, d. 3/12/1954 LA, CA or Oakley, ID, m. 1- Ronald Archibald Ross, m. 2-John E. Harrison

c.3-Edward Horton Collins b.3/25/1892 Cassia Co. ID d.9/16/1961

c.4-Erba Lillian Collins b.7/14/1894 Cassia Co. ID d.2/17/1986, m. 1-Fred Sorenson

c.1-Rhoda Virginia Sorenson, m. ? Honchell

c.2-Anna Marjorie Sorenson, m. ? Mosseaux m. 2-Eugene MacMurray

c.3-Wanda Lou MacMurray, m. ? Lewis

c.4-Norma Eugene MacMurray

c.1-Leesa MacMurray

c.2-Norma MacMurray

c.5-Mary Nyda Collins

c.15-Levi Ancel "Ancel" Collins b.Pike Co., KY

c.16-Louemma M. Collins b. 1974 Pike Co., KY m. Thomas W. Blankenship

[Richard Collins b. 1858 Tazewell/McDowell Co VA/WV d. 1943 Nicholas Co. WV married 1-27-1884 Fidella Milam. Fidella was d/o Catherine Taylor. She was raised a Donellson but she toldher children before she died that her natural father was Andrew Milam. Records have Fidella b. 1864 Wyoming Co. WV( stated on Marriage record filed in Nicholas Co. WV)

Children :

Sherman Arthur Collins b. 1886 Nicholas Co. WV d. 1973 Canada m. 1908 Maryland Lizzie Kerns

Melvin Clark Collins b. 7-13-18-- Nicholas Co. WV d. 1922 Webster WV, m. Maggie Brooks 1913 Webster Springs, WV

Virgie Mae Collins b. 1891 Nicholas Co. WV d. 1971 Nicholas Co WV, m. 1)---Wilson annulled 2) John Hinkle 1907 Nicholas Co., WV

Ervin Walker Collins b. 1893 Nicholas Co. WV d. 1964 Nicholas Co. WV, m. Lola Lavernia Spencer 1913 Nicholas Co., WV

Alvin Lloyd Collins b. ?, m. Scynthia Gay Shoulders 1938 Greenbrier Co., WV

Alta Leo Collins b. 1897 Nicholas Co. WV d. m. Lee Mance Bennett 1923 Nicholas Co., WV

Goldie Ena Collins b. 1899 Nicholas Co. WV d. 1930 Logan Co. WV, m. Otto Sterling Nash 1920 Sandpoint, Idaho

Euva Alice Collins b. 1902 Nicholas Co. WV d. 1995 Nicholas Co. WV, m. 1) Daniel Hannah, 2) _____ Eskew

Elmer Harlan Collins b. 1904 Nicholas Co. WV d. m. Maymee Double 1926 Nicholas Co, WV

Elmer Harlan Collins b. 1904 Nicholas Co. WV d. m. Maymee Double 1926 Nicholas Co, WV

Clarence Oscar Collins b. 1907 Nicholas Co. WV d., m. 1) Emmaline Shoulders 2) Pearl Hosey

Oretta Collins b. 1909 Nicholas Co. WV d. ? m. Everett William Chapman

Richard and Fidella raised their family on Fenwick Mountain in Nicholas Co. WV. Fidella was a true gardener, there was nothing that woman couldn't grow. She made all the clothing for the family, shirred sheep, spun the cotton, made candles and soap, drove a team of horses, kept a spotless house and canned the vegetables to last through winter. Fidella brought up 11 children and they were raised in the church. I was told they would rather face their father than their mother when they done something wrong. Anyway the grandchildren loved to go visit because they were greeted with love and something good to eat.

Richard was born in a section of Tazewell Co. VA. that later became McDowell Co. WV. The son of John W. Collins and Mary Roark Collins. He grew up along the Tug River area where his family lived near his uncle William Collins and cousin William Collins Jr.

Sources: *Eula Collins Conley

1983 printing of "The Pioneer Clines of Minn." by Marlin Cline devoted 16 pgs to the Collins family. Info. provided by Eula Cline Conley. Eula Conley was a descendant of William's 2nd wife Mary Ann "Molly" Hatfield. Eula Conley concentrated her correspondence w/Marlin Cline on William Collins' first family w/Mary Mullins & on Meredith. Eula became ill before much info. about William's 2nd family w/Molly Hatfied was obtained. Eula has since passed away.

*Info & census data of 1810 & 1820 for Floyd Co. KY (now Pike Co. KY)

*Orvis F. Collins of 146 N. Brier Rd., Amherst, NY 14228, a professor at NY St.U at Buffalo, (Eula Collins Conley believed Orvis was working on the Collins family.) Orvis' great grandfather was William Collins, Sr. Orvis has dates on births, marriages & deaths for the first 2 generations following William Collins,Sr

*Military entry records for Meredith found in Christianburg, VA; census of Russell Co. VA, Pike Co census and court records; McDowell Co. census 1860 1860 and 1870; Summersville, WV courthouse records; Bible record; * Ashe Co North Carolina Deed Books; *Wilkes Co North Carolina Deed Books; *Floyd, Pike, Johnson Co’s KY Census records; *Wise, Lee, Scott, Russell Co’s, VA Census records; *Grainger Co TN Marriage Bond Books

Descendants of David Collins

David Collins was b ca 1750. He married Thompsey Posting, 1 Oct 1772; Henry Zeody, Alex Brown, bondsmen.

Children of David Collins and Thompsey Posting are:

Aaron Collins, b. 1773, Rowan Co. NC; d. after 1850.

David Collins Jr., b. 1774, Rowan Co. NC.

Girl Collins, b. Abt. 1776.

Girl Collins, b. Abt. 1777.

Girl Collins, b. Abt. 1778.

Elenor "Nellie" Collins, b. 1783.

Levi Collins, b. 1784, Rowan Co. NC.

Margaret "Peggy" Collins, b. Abt. 1785.

Isaiah "Cuppy" "Old Zayer" "Izah"COLLINS, b. March 10, 1788, Wilkes Co., North Carolina; d. November 20, 1885, Ozark Co., Parson Cemetery, Missouri

Soloman Collins, b. 1789, Grayson Co., N.C./Va; d. 1882, Douglas Co., MO

Hiram Collins, b. 1793, Wilkes Co. NC; m Rebecca, 1829

The Second Generation

Aaron Collins was born 1773 in Rowan Co. NC, and died Aft. 1850. He married Mary.

Children of Aaron Collins and Mary are:

David Collins, b. 1799, Knox Co, Kentucky; d. Aft. 1870

Stephen Collins, b. 1800; m. Mary Long, August 27, 1827, Morgan County, Indiana

Soloman Collins, b. 1806; m. Lucinda Blakley, April 27, 1827, Morgan Co., Indiana

Harmon Collins, b. 1807.

Aaron Collins, b. 1811.

Isaac Collins, b. 1810.

Daughter Collins, b. Abt. 1811.

Jesse Collins, b. Abt. 1812.

Daughter Collins, b. Abt. 1813.

David Collins Jr. was born 1774 in Rowan Co. NC. He married (1 ) Barbara Blakley. He married (2) Mary.

Children of David Collins Jr and Mary are:

Hirman Collins, b. 1805.

Ingraham Collins, b. 1807.

Elanor "Nellie" Collins was born 1783. She married John Bull II/Turnbull November 23, 1800 in Grainger County, Tennessee.

Children of Elanor Collins and John Bull are:

John Bull III, b. Abt. 1803.

Rhoda Bull, m.Childers

Nicholas Bull

Nathaniel Bull

William T Bull, b. Abt. 1824; m .Mary "Polly" Collins, December 20, 1839, Morgan Co., IN

Levi Collins was born 1784 in Rowan Co. NC. He married Mary Polly Dodson ca 1804.

Children of Levi Collins and Polly Dodson are:

Isaiah Collins, b. ca 1815.

James Maryland Collins, b. ca. 1805.

Nancy Collins, b. ca. 1815.

Phebe Collins, b. ca. 1818.

Polly Collins, b. ca. 1816.

Franklin Collins, b. ca 1804; m. Rebecca Collins.

Margaret Collins, b. 1813; m. John Collins, February 28, 1839, Morgan County, Indiana (Marriage record list bride as Peggy Collins in Morgan Co. Indiana)

Elizabeth Collins, b. 1814; m. Aaron Collins, 1838, IN

Susan Collins, b. 1825.

Unkown Female Collins, b. 1825-1830.

Henry Cynthia Collins, b. 1828.

Margaret "Peggy" Collins was born ca. 1785. She married Solomon Dodson, February 15, 1802 in

Grainger County, Tennesse.

David Collins was the bondsman to the wedding of Peggy Collins and Solomon Dodson, Feb. 15 1802 in Grainger County. TN. David appears in Grainger Co. TN tax list by 1804, where they resided perhaps seven years. Listed on Grainger County tax roll in 1806. Other Collins listed in Capt. Dodson's Co. (p129) in 1806 included Aaron, Joseph, and Griffit.

His family is in Knox Co., KY by 1807 on Collins Creek (in present Bell Co.).The family began moving northward to Morgan Co., IN in 1822. David's brother William apparently had passed through Knox Co. enroute to Indiana where he drew his war pension. The family always settled in hilly country. By 1837, the Collins families began mirgrating westward to the eastern part of Taney Co. MO (now eastern Ozark and Douglas Cos.) on the north fork of the White River. By 1840 there were 22 Collins families listed there.

Children of Margaret Collins and Solomon Dodson are:

Issac Dodson, b. ca 1803.

Barbara Dodson, b. ca 1804.

John Dodson, b. ca. 1805.

James Dodson, b. ca 1806.

Samuel Dodson, b. ca 1807.

Jesse Dodson, b. ca 1807.

Jane Dodson, b. ca 1808.

Margaret Dodson, b. ca 1809

Mary Dodson, b. ca. 1810.

Solomon Dodson, Jr., b. ca. 1811.

Isaiah "Cuppy" "Old Zayer" "Izah" was born March 10, 1788 in Wilkes Co.,North Carolina, and died November 20, 1885 in Oazrk Co., Parson Cem, Missouri. He married Elizabeth "Besty" Mason November 20, 1805, in Grainger County, Tennessee

Betsy Mason's father was Robert Mason, who was born in England. Robert Mason was one of the brave Patriots who fought against Great Britian to help the New England colonists during the Revolutionary War. Elizabeth Mason's mother was half Indian. She had a sister Sarah and brother; William.

Children of Isaiah Collins and Elizabeth (Betsy) Mason are: Rebecca Collins, b. Abt. 1806, Knox County, Ky.; m. John Douglass, June 24, 1824, Morgan County, IN.

Mildred "Milly" A. Collins, b. 1808, Knox County, Ky.; m. John Jones, January 18, 1826, Morgan County, IN, d. Aft. 1860.

Levi Lexington Collins, b 1809, Knox County, KY., m. Orpha Gibson, Abt. 1827, d. Aft. 1870 Knox County, KY.

Isaiah "Zerry" Collins, b. 1810, Knox County, KY.; m. Mary Polly Blakely/Black, March 31, 1829, Hendrick County, Indiana; d. Aft. 1870 Pomona, Howel County, MO.

Phoebe Collins, b. 1814, Knox County, KY.; m. William Jones, February 18, 1830, Martinsville, Morgan County, Indiana; d. aft. 1850 Dora, Ozark County, MO.

David C. Collins, b. 1815, Knox County, KY.; m. Nancy J. Spurlock; d. 1855, Dora, Ozark County, MO.

William "Bill" Collins, b. September 11, 1820, Kent or Knox County., KY.; m. Mary Pierce; d. September 12, 1902, Ozark County, MO.

Mary "Polly" Collins, b. 1824; m. (1) David Parsons; m.(2) William T. Bull, December 20, 1839, Morgan County, Indiana.

Louisa Jane Collins, b. 1825; m. Washington Riley.

Franklin Collins, b. 1826, Knox County, KY.; m. Rebecca Collins.

Isaac Collins, b. February 18, 1829, Martinsville, Morgan County, Indiana ;m. Estella Turnbull; d. Dora, Ozark County, MO.

Elizabeth Collins, b. August 13, 1830, Martinsville, Morgan County, Indiana; m. David Parsons; d. April 10, 1871, Dora, Ozark County, MO.

Ephriam Collins, b. April 4, 1833, Knox County, KY.; m. Minerva Turnbull; d. January 19, 1902, Dora, Ozark County, MO.

Nancy Collins, b. 1837, Martinsville, Morgan County, Indiana; m. James W. Capps.

It has been reported that the Turnbull family that married into the Collins family had changed their name from Bull to Turnbull, after they moved from Kentucky.

Soloman Collins was born 1789 in Grayson Co., N.C./VA, and died 1882 in Douglas Co. MO. He married (2) Deliliah Nichols, 1812 in Clairborne Co., TN..

Soloman enlisted at Rogerville, Hawkins Co., TN during the War of 1812.

Isoms tell same kind of story about Isom children being raised by Nichols family. Delilah Nichols was married to Solomon Collins

Children of Solomon Collins and Deliliah Nichols are:

Mahala Collins, b. Abt 1813; Mahla was listed as mulatto on the 1860 IN census.

Jinsey Collins, b. Abt 1814; m. Robert Clinton

Spencer Collins, b. 1818; d. November 3, 1864, Battle of Vera Cruz.

Levi Collins, b. 1825; m. Cynthia Ripley

Rebecca Collins, b. 1823 Ky.; m. Franklin Collins

George May Collins, b. 1828, Morgan County, Indiana; m. Martha May; d. 1862 Douglas Co. Mo.

Abigale Collins, b. 1831; m. Elias Clinton.

Tipton Collins, b. 1833; m. Mahala Martin.

Harrison Collins, b. 1837; m. Teressa Martin.

Hiram Collins was born 1793 in Wilkes County, N.C. He married a Rebecca ?.Hiram was the first school teacher in Clay Township, Morgan County, Indiana, in 1823.Hiram and his family stayed in Indiana when his brothers went to Missouri.

Children of Hiram Collins and Rebecca ? are:

Alice Creed Collins, b. ca 1826

Anderson Collins, b. 1827

Rebecca Collins, b. ca 1830

Thomas Collins, b 1833

John Collins, b. 1835

Unknown Male Collins, b.?

Unknown Male Collins, b. ?

Unknown Female Collins, b.?

Unknown Female Collins, b.?

Unknown Female Collins, b.?

The Third Generation

David Collins was born 1799 in Knox Co, Kentucky, and died Aft. 1870. He married Juriah Day January 11, 1822 in Knox Co, Kentucky.

Children of David Collins and Juriah Day are:

Ruhaney Collins, b. October 20, 1822, Indianapolis, Indiana; m. Andrew V. Tabor; d. January 3 1899, Pottersville, Howell County, MO.

Daniel Collins, b. Abt 1825; m. Susan Collins

Aaron Collins, b. 1828; m. Margaret Turnbull

Leonard "Toddy" Collins, b. 1831, Martinsville, Morgan County, Indiana; m. Milley Collins; d. November 1, 1904, Petrey Place, Howell County MO.

Bethiah Collins, b. 1841

Stephen Collins was born 1800. He married Mary Long, August 27, 1827, Morgan County, Indiana

Solomon Collins was born 1806. He married Lucinda Blakely April 27, 1827, Morgan County, Indiana.

Harmon Collins was born 1807. He married America Blakely May 1,1829 in Hendrickes County, Indiana.

Child of Harmon Collins and America Blakely is:

Isaiah Collins, b. ca. 1827.

Aaron Collins was born 1811. He married Ann Collins, December 12, 1831, Morgan County, Indiana.

Child of Aaron Collins and Ann Collins is:

Timothy Collins, b. ca.1831

Isaac Collins was born 1810. He married Susuan Blakley.

Children of Isaac Collins and Susan Blakely are:

Stephen Collins, b. 1832, Indiana

Isaiah Collins, b. 1836

Sarah B. Collins, b. 1838

Solomon Collins, b. 1840

Frelan B. Collins, b. 1842

Polly Collins, b. 1843

Margaret Collins, b. 1848

Mary Collins, b. 1848

James Collins, b. 1849

Letha Collins, b. 1853

Peter Collins, b. 1859

Jesse Collins was born Abt. 1812.

Jesse Collins had two daughters.

Ingraham Collins was born 1807.

Children of Ingraham Collins are:

Johnathan Collins, b. 1835

Isabel Collins, b. 1838; m. John Cross

Susan Collins was born 1825. She married Daniel Collins, son of David II Collins and Juriah Day.

Children of Susan Collins and Daniel Collins are:

Perecia Collins, b. ca. 1845

Nancy Melinda Collins, b. ca. 1846.

Mildred "Milly" A. Collins was born 1808 in Knox Co., KY., and died Aft. 1860. She married (1) Smith. She married (2) William John/ John William on January 18, 1826 in Martinsville, Morgan County, Indiana. Record of marriage in Morgan County Indiana said her name was Milla Collins married John Jones on Jan 18 1826.

Children of Mildred Collins and John Jones are:

Calvin Jones, b. ca 1831, Indiana

George Jones, b. ca 1834, Indiana

Hiram Jones, b. ca 1836, Indiana

Gideon Jones, b. ca 1837, MO.

William J. Jones, b. ca. 1842, MO.

John M. Jones, b. ca 1844, MO.

Frances M. Jones, b. ca 1849, MO.

Levi Lexington Collins was born in 1809 in Kentucky and died Aft. 1870 in Knox County, Kentucky. He Married Orpha (Alfra) Gibson, ca. 1827.

A quote from 1750-1996 II Collins Family Reunion Book. Published by Ed & Lucille Collins-Trullinger, Co-Editors: John & Karen Trullinger & Diana Trullinger, Writers: H.H.Collins, Hubert Collins, Linda Wheat, Cherril Buster, Marilyn Thornton, Artwork, H.H.Collins, Rhonda Wake, Tabitha Wake.

"Lexington (1809), the second son of Isaiah and Betsy Mason-Collins, moved back to Kentucky where Betsy's mother and father lived. Lexington's wife, Orpha Gibson-Collins, also had family back in Bell County. Many of their descendants are still in the Pineville, Kentucky area. Lexington's grandfather, Robert Mason's farm is now owned by Robert Mason the fifth."

1834, 1838, & 1839 Knox Co., KY tax roll lists Lexington Collins.

Appears to have been in Indiana ca. 1833 when James was born, back in KY by 1835.

1850 - John Goodin (3, b. KY) also in household.

1860 - Iaaiah Collins in household.

1870 US Census Index livng in Flat Lick Sub. Div. 93 Page 366

1870 Census list him as Lexinton

Lexington & Orphy listed as parents of James B. Collins, d. 15 Feb. 1876 (Bell Co. death rec.)

Children of Levi Collins and Orpha Gibson are:

Hannah Collins, b. 1828, Hendricks County, Indiana; m. Isaac Gibson October 13, 1843, Knox County, Kentucky.

Robert Collins,, Hendricks County, Indiana.

James B. Collins, b. ca. 1833 Hendricks County, Indiana; m. Josephine Ingram, April 13, 1858, Barbourville, Knox County, Kentucky; d. February 15, Bell County, Kentucky. Civil War Records T288-General Pension Index Roll 90, 49th KY. Co.K, James B. Collins; Sergeants: William F. Collins; Widow: Collins, Josephine; Service: K 49 KY. Inf. 1876 Sept. 12 227941.

William F.Collins, b. 1835, Kentucky; m. Emma Hoskins Begley February 19, 1856, Barbourville, Knox County, Kentucky; d. after 1890 probably in State Hospital in Lexington, Kentucky.

Elizabeth Collins, b. 1837, Knox County, Kentucky; m. G.S. Partin, April 5, 1876, Bell County Kentucky; d. Aft. 1890.

Mary F. (J.?) Collins, b 1839, Knox County, Kentucky.

Isaac J.G. Collins, b. 1841, Kentucky; m. Mary Jane "Polly" Partin July 12, 1868 Bell/Knox County, Kentucky; d. Aft 1880.

Isaiah "Zer"Collins, b. 1841, Kentucky; m. Rosannah "Roxie" "Rosa" Moore/Shelton, September 5, 1861, Barbourville, Knox county, Kentucky; d. May 13 1898, Collins Farm, Pineville, Bell County, Kentucky. Buried near creek on Collins Farm.

Sarah Collins, b.1844, Kentucky; m (1) John Doe Collins, m (2) Francis Crawford.

Mildred A.Collins, b. 1846, Kentucky; m. Jack T. Wilson; d. Bef. 1893 Middleboro, Bell County, KY.

Andrew Mack "Mac" Collins, b. 1849, Knox County, Kentucky; m. Elizabeth Golden; d. Aft. 1910.

Isaiah "Zerry" Collins was born in 1810 in Knox County, Kentucky, and died Aft. 1870 in Pomona,

Howell County, Mo. He married Mary Polly Black/Blakely, March 31, 1829 in Hendrickes Co. Indiana.

Children of Isaiah Collins and Mary Black/Blakely are:

Cornelius Collins, b. 1833, Morgan County, Indiana; m. Doris Ann Barton; d. 1855 Carroll Cem.(with Civil War Marker), Missouri

Margaret Collins, b. 1838, Missouri.

Robertson Lewis Collins, b. January 1842, Missouri; m. Sarah Catherine Barton October 15, 1860, Ozark County, Missouri; d. February 10, 1909, Hominy, Osage County Arkansas

Mary Ann Collins , b. 1844; m. Aaron Collins

David H.(A?) Collins, b. 1846

John J. Collins , b. 1848

Emily Isaminda Collins, b. 1850, Springs, Missouri; m.(1) John Welsh; m(2) William Jones

Milley Collins, b. 1835, Indiana; m. Leonard "Todd" Collins in MO.; d. January 14, 1898, Pomona, Howell County MO.

Phoebe Collins was born in 1814 in Knox County, Knox Co., KY., and died Aft. 1850 in Dora, Ozark County, MO. She married William Jones February 18, 1830 in Martinsville, Morgan Co., Indiana.

Children of Pheobe Collins and William Jones are:

Cley Jones, b. ca. 1836

William Jones, b. 1838

Thomas Jones, b. ca. 1838 MO.

Elizah Jones, b. ca 1842, MO.

James Madison Jones, b. ca. 1844. MO.

David C. Collins was born in 1815 in Knox County, Kentucky, and died 1855 in Dora, Ozark County, MO. He married Nancy J. Spurlock.

Child of David C. Collins and Nancy Spurlock is:

Geroge Collins, 1835

William "Bill" Collins was born September 11, 1820 in Kent or Knox Co., KY., and died September 12, 1902 in Ozark County, MO. He married Mary Pierce Abt. 1843.

Children of William Collins and Mary Pierce are:

Mary Jane Collins, b. 1844, MO.

Lucinda Collins, b. 1847.

Emily Ann Collins, b. 1849, MO.; m. George Johnson.

Gideon Collins, b. 1851, MO.; m. Fannie Williams.

Cecila (Sella) Collins, b. 1853, MO.; m. Jim Owens.

William "Willie""Little Bill" Collins, b. February 06, 1854, MO.; d. November 16, 1913.

Minerva "Nerve"4 Collins, b. 1858.

Franklin Collins was born 1826 in Knox Co., KY. He married Rebecca Collins, daughter of Solomon Collins and Delilah Nichols

Franklin was in Company H, 46th Regiment MO. Volunteer Infantry Union.

Aunt Laura tells a story about Franklin Collins and his brother, Ephriam. Franklin was wounded in the Civil War and was taken to Ephriam and Merva Collins to recover. He was wounded badly but survived. However, his health was not good. Later on a hunting trip with Ephriam he was accidently shot. This wound was also bad, but after recovering from the second wound his health returned, so that he believed the second shot cured him.

Children of Franklin Collins and Rebecca Collins are:

Clay Collins, b. ca.1846.

Rebecca and Franklin's son, Clay Collins stayed often with Ephriam and Merva Collins. He suffered from a blood disease- his blood would not clot, and died as a result of it.

Harriett Collins, b. ca. 1847.

Elizabeth Collins, b. ca. 1848

Solomon Collins, b. ca. 1849.

Ephraim Collins, b. ca. 1850.

Isaac Collins was born February 18, 1829 in Martinsville, Morgan, Indiana, and died in Dora, Ozark Co, MO. He married (1) Eestella Turnbull. He married (2) Elizabeth Collins Family Reunion book "Collins 1750-1993"

"Isaac and Estella Collins were fine, well liked people. He was a shoemaker. He didn't want to go to war, but finally enlisted the 17th of August 1864 as a Private in Co. H of the 46th Regt. MO. Inf. Vols. He said that if a Rebel shot him, the rebel would shoot the best shoemaker in the country, Isaac Collins came out of the war without a scratch however. He was discharged the 9th of March 1865. According to the pension papers of Isaac Collins, he was born 18 Feb. 1829 in Morgan County.,Indiana. His family came from Indiana to Missouri about 1840."

Children of Isaac Collins and Estella Turnbull are:

William Collins, b. 1856; m. Sarah Jones

Leonard D Collins, b. July 17, 1864; d. May 03, 1948; m. Thursia Kassinger (Kassengen), August 07,1886.

Queen Victoria America Collins, b. October 08, 1866.

Isaiah Collins, b. 1867; m. Elizabeth Cronley.

Emily Isamanda Collins, b. 1869.

Minerva Collins, b. 1870; m. Robert Collins September 26, 1886.

Merilda Collins, b. 1876; m. Dr. J. W. Hooker, January 12, 1876.

Jefferson Aabrahm Collins, b. 1878; m. Lizzie Nancy Raby.

John Obediah Collins, b. October 1880, Near Dora, Ozark co. MO.; d. December 18, 1957, Walnut Ridge, AR.

Ephriam Collins was born April 04, 1833 in Knox Co., Ky., and died January 19, 1902 in Dora, Ozark, MO.. He married Minerva Turnbull.

Ephriam Collins son of Isaiah-1788. Compnay H 46 Regiment Missouri Volunteer Infantry Union. He owned a general store at Birdtwon, MO (Ozark Co.)

Children of Ephriam Colins and Minerva Turnbull are:

Bartholomew "Tol" Collins, b. ca. 1853.

Margaret Collins, b. ca. 1854; m. Brown.

William "B.C." Collins, b. ca. 1855.

Jinsey Collins was born Abt. 1814. She married Robert Clinton.

From the book of "Pioneers of Morgan County (IN)"

Jincie's description is interesting in that she has some of the characteristics associated with what I've read about the Melungeon women. Quotes from the book are as follows: One of our near neighbors in 1832 was Solomon Colins, He was the head of one of nine families of that name who came from TN at the earliest period of our settlement. Several of them lived near the mouths of Sycamore and Highland creeks. "Old Sol," as he was called, then lived in the river bottome, about three miles north of Martinsville, and was fair specimen of a backwoods Tennessean. He was no bookworm - knew not a letter or figure in the books - much less was he a dude or a "gentleman of leisure." He was a good neighbor to good neighbors, but woe to him who undertook to tread upon the toes of "old Sol." During the summer of 1832, he, with the help of his daughter "Jinse," the best farmhand in the household, cultivated a field of corn on the bottom lands. They had worked hard - that is, Jinse had - and a fine crop was the results.

"Miss Jinsy Collins was the strongest woman in the county. She was medium height, weighing 130 pounds. It was said she could three bushels of wheat, standing in a half bushel. She could swing an axe like a logger, and was a good hand inclearing. She could ride as wild a horse as the average man. In the winter time she was usually attired in linsey-woolsey, with a red bandana tied about her head. She had dark brown eyes, hair, with complexion to match, and was more useful than showy. She moved away with her father's family and we lost all trace of her."

Child of Jinsey Collins and Rorbert Clinton is:

Son Clinton, b. 1834.

Rebecca Collins was born 1823 in Ky.. She married (1) Franklin Collins, son of Isaiah Collins and Elizabeth (Besty) Mason. She married (2) Franklin Collins, son of Levi Collins and Polly Dodson.

Children of Rebecca Collins and Franklin Collins are:

Clay Collins, b. Abt. 1846.

Harriett Collins, b. Abt. 1847.

Elizabeth Collins, b. Abt. 1848.

Solomon Collins, b. Abt. 1849.

Ephraim Collins, b. Abt. 1850.

George May Collins was born 1828 in Morgan Co.,Ind/ KY ?, and died 1862 in Douglas Co. MO. He married Martha May Abt. 1857.

Child of George Collins and Martha May is:

George Ann Collins, b. December 22, 1858 Indiana; d. February 04, 1930, West Plains MO.

Tipton Collins was born 1833. He married Mahala Martin.

Child of Tipton Collins and Mahala Martin is:

Olive (Olieffe) COLLINS, b. Abt. 1853.

The Fourth Generation

Ruhaney Collins was born October 20, 1822 in Indianapolia, Ind, and died January 03, 1899 in Pottersville, Howell County, MO. She married Andrew V. Tabor 1842 in Missouri possibly Arkansas.

Children of Ruhaney Collins and Andrew Tabor are:

Louisa Tabor, b. 1843, Pottersville Howell Co. MO.

Rebecca Tabor, b. August 1844, Pottersville Howell Co. MO; d. 1914; m. John C. Dent.

Martha Ann Tabor, b. February 19, 1846, Pottersville Howell Co. MO; d. January 14, 1916, Pottersville Howell Co. MO; m. Josephus Carrico.

Thomas E. Tabor, b. February 02, 1849, Pottersville Howell Co. MO; d. March 06, 1928, Tumwater, WA; m. Sarah E. Long, September 28, 1873.

Annis J. Tabor, b. November 04, 1850, Pottersville Howell Co. MO; d. April 27, 1910, Pottersville, Howell Co. MO; m. John Madison Brown, August 10, 1873.

Berthiar J. Tabor, b. 1853, Howell Co., MO.?; d. Abt. 1910; m. David J. Estes, July 28, 1878, Howell Co., MO..

Henry D. Tabor, b. December 02, 1854; d. August 18, 1891;m. Mary E. Bundon, December 5,1875.

James P. Tabor, b. 1857.

Basheba Tabor, b. 1858; m. H.A.Dorsey.

Andrew Jackson Tabor, b. 1861; m. Arminta Johnson.

Daniel Collins was born ca. 1825. He married Susan Collins, daughter of Levi Collins and Polly Dodson.

Children of Daniel Collins and Susan Collins are:

Perecia Collins, b. ca. 1845.

Nancy Melinda Collins, b. ca. 1846.

Aaron Collins was born 1828. He married Margaret Turnbull.

Child of Aaron Collins and Margaret Turnbull is:

Thomas Grant Collins, b. Abt. 1848.

Leonard "Toddy" Collins was born 1831 in Martinsville, M. Indiana, and died November 01, 1904 in

Petrey Place, Howell Co. MO. He married Milley Collins 1825-1826 in Douglas Co. MO, daughter of Isaiah Collins and Mary Black/Blakley.

Child of Leonard Collins and Milley Collins is:

James M. Franklin Collins, b. July 31, 1858; d. July 15, 1931, Howell Co. MO; m. Margaret "Maggie" Mitts, ca. 1880, MO..

Isaiah Collins was born Abt. 1827. He married Rachel Hood.

Child of Isaiah Collins and Rachel Hood is:

Tilmon Marion Colllins, b. ca. 1847

Timothy Collins was born ca. 1831. He married Margaret.

Child of Timothy Collins and Margaret is:

Richard Timonthy Collins, b. ca. 1851; m. Mary.

Johnathan Collins was born 1835.

Child of Johnathan Collins is:

Thomas Collins, b. 1857.

Hannah Collins was born 1828 in Hendricks Co.,Indiana. She married Issac Gibson October 13, 1843 in Knox County, Kentucky. Lexington Collins was bondsman.

Children of Hannah Collins and Issac Gibson are:

Luncinda Gibson, b. July 1844, Clear Creek, area, Bell County, Kentucky; d. Aft. 1910; m. William Webb, July 25, 1875, Pineville, Bell Co., Kentucky.

Milton Gibson, b. 1847, Knox Co, Kentucky; d. May 27, 1878, Clear Creek, Bell County, Kentucky; m. Mary Joanne Gibson, March 14, 1868, Pineville, Bell Co., Kentucky

Levi Lexington Gibson, b. January 12, 1850, Clear Creek, Bell County, Kentucky; d. April 12, 1925, Noetown, Clear Creek, Bell County, Kentucky/ Partin Cem; m. Rachell Webb, February 22, 1871, Pineville, Bell Co., Kentucky.

Mary Ann GIBSON, b. July 1852, KY.; m. Robert A. Partin , December 1873, Pineville, Bell Co., Kentucky.

Orphy Angeline (Ann) Gibson, b. 1855; m. William Hiram Mason, November 02, 1877, Bell County, Kentucky.

James R. Gibson, b. 1858, Kentucky; m. (1) Nancy Jane Mason, December 28, 1875, Bell Co, Kentucky; m. (2) Elizabeth "Lizzie" Partin, January 31, 1878, Bell Co, Kentucky.

Hannah R. Gibson, b. 1860; m. Marion Scott Webb, February 03, 1880, Bell County, Kentucky.

William Jefferson Gibson, b. October 14, 1862, Ky; d. November 08, 1932; m. Rachel Webb, November 01, 1883, Bell County, Kentucky.

Isaac J. Gibson, b. March 1865, Ky; m. (1) Rebecca Evans; m. (2) Angeline Webb, September 02, 1865, Bell County, Kentucky.; m. (3) Hannah Ingram, December 11, 1884, Bell Co., KY.

John Thomas Gibson, b. 1869, Ky; m. Nancy J. Mason, November 09, 1886, Bell Co., KY.

Hiram Gibson, b. June 1871, Ky; m. Mary Ann "Polly" Partin, February 07, 1893, Bell Co., Kentucky

William F. Collins was born 1835 in Kentucky, and died Aft. 1890. He married Emma "Amy" Hoskins Begley February 19, 1856, Barbourville, Knox County, Kentucky; d. Aft. 1890 probably in State Hospital in Lexington, Kentucky.

1870 US Census Index list W. F. Collins living in Flat Lick Sub. Div. 93, page 366

Civil War Records T288-General Pension Index Roll 90 49th KY Co. KY


William F. Collins

Widow: Collins, Amy

Service: Sergn 49 Ky Inf

1886 Aug 5 581909-506747

1892 Jul 5 554590-538314 KY

Civil War Records T288-General Pension Index Roll 90 - 49th KY Co. KY


William F. Collins

Widow: Collins, Josephine

Service: K 49 Ky Inf

1876 Sept 12 227941

Child of William Collins and Emma "Amy" Hoskins Begley Amy is:

Sarah Jane Collins, b. ca. 1855, m. Squire Campbell, August 26, 1875, Bell Co, Kentucky.

A quote from 1750-1996 II Collins Family Reunion Book. Published by Ed & Lucille Collins-Trullinger, Co-Editors: John & Karen Trullinger & Diana Trullinger, Writers: H.H.Collins, Hubert Collins, Linda Wheat, Cherril Buster, Marilyn Thornton, Artwork, H.H.Collins, Rhonda Wake, Tabitha Wake.

"Sarah Collins Campbell first wife of Squire Campbell" Once during the Civil War she was plowing and the children were hoeing corn. The Confederates came. They took the mare she was plowing with but left the colt. Sometime during the night the mare broke loose and came back home to her colt. William "Bill" Collins was her father. He was elected jailer of Bell Co. and moved to Pineville, Kentucky. He had about one hundred bee-gums and fed the prisoner honey. One day Bill Collins went to arrest Ball Lee. An argument developed and he shot and killed Lee. He knew what a bad temper the Lee's were noted for having and thereafter slept with a pistol beside his bed. After he killed Lee, he moved to the head of Greasy Creek, Bell Co. Kentucky."

"Squire Campbell lived on a bluff over-looking the Cumberland River and Artemus ,Kentucky on the other side of the river. It is said that after he ate his supper he would take his violin and sit on the porch and play it so all of Artemus could hear and be entertained. The little area where he lived was nicknamed "Tarpin Valley".

A grandson and namesake, Squire Bill Campbell, son of William Jackson and Massie Davis Campbell, now owns the violin."

Isaac J.G. Collins was born 1841 in Kentucky. He married (1) Mary Jane "Polly" Partin July 23, 1868 in Bell County, Kentucky.

Children of Isaac Collins and Mary Jane "Polly" Partin are:

Mary Alice Collins, b. Abt. 1876; m. Alexander Maiden, April 20, 1895.

Daughter Collins, b. 1874.

Roe Collins, b. 1873.

Mary Collins, b. 1875.

John Collins,b. 1879.

Isaiah "Zer" Collins was born 1841 in Kentucky, and died May 31, 1898 in Collins Farm, Pineville, Bell Co. Ky buried beside a creek). He m Rosannah "Roxie" "Rosa" Moore/Shelton September 5, 1861, Barbourville, Knox county, Kentucky; d. May 13 1898, Collins Farm, Pineville, Bell County, Kentucky. Civil War Records:

49TH Kentucky Infantry Company K


Civil War Records T288 General Pension Index Roll 90

Isaiah Collins

Widow: Collins, Rosa

Service: K49 Ky Inf.

1888 Mch 22 Invalid 646317-1026131 Ky

1898 May 31 Widow 677239-501060 Ky

It was said she was a full blooded Cherokee Indian.

Isaiah "Zer" Collins was a witness to the marriage of Isaiah and Rosa: witnesses; Lary Martin, Calloway Moore.

Married by Hezekiah Godin. (minister in Clear Creek, performed marriage in Greasy Creek) The tombstone of this minister is in the cemetery with Gibson, in Clear Creek,. above young Robert Mason house.

Children of Isaiah "Zer" Collins and Rosannah Moore/Shelton are:

Nancy J. Collins, b. 1864, Clear Creek, Bell County, Kentucky; d. Aft. 1880.

Azaraih Collins, b. October 1865, Clear Creek, Bell Co. Kentucky; d. Aft. 1912, Pineville, Bell County, Kentucky.; m. Sarah "Sallie" North, January 05, 1886, Pineville, Bell Co., Ky. She was the daughter of Plesent "Plez" North and Sarah Jane Lefever.

In 1978 I visited the Collins Family farm in Pineville, Ky. William Henry Collins, cousin, owned it at the time. While there he took me down a small hill, through a corn garden, through a wooded area, to a side of a creek. There was a tall tree with several stones next to it. He pointed to the right side of this creek to a large stone and said "That is where your Great-Grandfather is buried." Then turned to the left side of the creek and pointed to a large rock and said "There is where you Great-Great Grandfather and Great-Great-Grandmother is buried." The house that William and Charlie grew up in was still on this farm. It was unsafe to enter the house as it was very old. Next to the house was a fenced off area. .with tombstone...Many Collins, North, Gibson are buried there. The address of the Collins farm was 2580 Greenbrair Rd., Pineville, Ky. Local area is called Greasy Creek. The burial spot was verified with my Aunt Betty Schubert, stating she was shown the same spot many years ago when she was small.

Notes from US Census Records:

A. A. Collins, wife name was Sally. Sally; month and birth year was unknown, but she was 29 years old and had 5 children, with 4 of them living. Sally was born in Ky. Her father was born in Ky., and her mother was born in Ky. Sally could not read or write, but could speak English.

A. A. Collins had the following children listed on this census report:

Collins, William H...Son..W. M..Sept. 1890..age 9..single..born in Ky. Father born in Ky., mother born in Ky.

Collins, Isaiah...Son..W..M..April 1893..age 7..single..born in Ky. Father born in Ky.,mother born in Ky.

Collins, Elise..Daughter..W..F.. March 1895..age 5..born in Ky. Father born in Ky. mother born in Ky.

Collins. Mary B..Daughter..W..F..May 1898..age 2..born in Ky.,Father born in Ky. ,mother born in Ky.

A. A. Collins had a boarder: Charlie Marshall, W..M.. July 1874..age 25..S.. Born in N.Y..Charlie Marshall's father was born in VA., and mother born in VA.

1900 US Census

Rosa A. Age 66/mother of 11 children 4 living/she was living with A.M.

Copy of Records:

William Henry Collins, delayed birth record listed Azahaih Collins as father and Sally North as mother.

Azahaih was 30 years of age at the time of birth and Sally 18 at the time of birth. I have been given the birth date of Sally to be Sept. 5, 1871... I don't have any documentation to this date. Therefore, I am using the of birth calculated from the death certificate.

Elizabeth (Luzzie) Collins, b. 1868, Clear Creek, Bell County, Kentucky; m. (1) York Tucker,(possibly).; m. (2) Thomas Hendrickson, September 19, 1891.

Luncinda"Cinda" L. Collins, b. 1870, Bell County, Kentucky.; m. (1) William Jefferson Sampson September 27, 1887, Pineville, Bell Co., Kentucky; m. (2) Jessie Smith September 25, 1895, May have married him.

Andrew "Auchy" Mack Collins, b. August 18, 1876, Bell County, Kentucky.; m. (1) Mary Jane North, December 28, 1893, Pineville, Bell Co., Kentucky; m. (2) Cretty J Bunch, August 08, 1900, Pineville, Bell Co., Kentucky; m. (3) Margaret Gibson, July 24, 1907, Pineville, Bell Co., Kentucky.

Levi C. Collins, b. August 28, 1878, Clear Creek, Bell County, Kentucky.

William Isaac Collins, b. 1881, Clear Creek, Bell County, Kentucky; m. (1) Rachel North, December 29, 1900; m. (2) Maggie Bryant, December 21, 1918, Knox Co., KY

Benjamin Collins, b. 1884, Clear Creek, Bell County, Kentucky; m. E.L. Brown, June 01, 1932.

Gillis Collins, b. February 17, 1887, Clear Creek, Bell County, Kentucky; d. February 23, 1960, Pineville, Bell Co., Kentucky/Goodin Cem.; m. (1) Laura Goodin; m. (2) Rachel Webb; m. (3) Rachel Gibson, January 06, 1909, Pineville, Bell Co., Kentucky; m. (4) Martha Jane Webb, September 30, 1909, Pineville, Bell Co., Kentucky.

Cornelius Collins was born 1833 in Morgan Co., Ind., and died 1885 in Carroll Cem. (with Civil War Marker) Missouri. He married Dorsia Ann Barton.

Children of Cornelius Collins and Dorsia Barton are:

Samuel M. Collins, b. ca. 1854; m. Belle.

William Monks "Monkee"Collins, b. Abt. 1855; m. Emily Isamanda Collins, March 25, 1891, In Isaac's living room.

Hayword Collins, b. ca. 1856.

Anthony "Ant" F. Collins, b. ca. 1857.

Mary Jane Collins, b. ca. 1858; d. lived near Shinkle.

Harriett Collins, b. ca. 1859; d. lived in Independence, Kansas in 1918; m. Welch.

Mattie Samatha Collins, b. ca. 1860; m. Charley Davis.

Margaret "Peggy" "Sadie" Collins, b. ca. 1861; m. Lowtrip.

Robertson Lewis Collins was born January 1842 in Missouri, and died February 10, 1909 in Hominy Osage Co, Ark. He married Sarah Cathrine Barton October 15, 1860 in Ozark Co, Missouri.

Children of Robertson Collins and Sarah Barton are:

Mary Frances Collins, b. December 23, 1869, Topez Missouri; d. April 10, 1938, Palo Verde, Arizona; m. William Lewis Parker, September 17, 1885, Douglas Co. Missouri.

William Henry Collins, b. 1872.

James Frank Collins, b. 1876.

Dorcie Ellie Collins, b. ca. 1877.

Ezekiel Collins, b. ca. 1878.

Sarah Collins, b. ca.1879; m. Mr. Scarbrough.

Milley Collins was born 1835 in IN, and died January 14, 1898 in Pomona, Howell Co. Mo. She married Leonard "Toddy" Collins b 1825-1826 in Douglas Co. MO, son of David Collins and Juriah Day.

Child of Milley Collins and Leonard Collins is:

James M. Franklin Collins, b. July 31, 1858; d. July 15, 1931, Howell Co. MO; m. Margaret "Maggie" Mitts, Abt. 1880, MO.

George Collins was born Abt. 1835. He married Milly.

Child of George Collins and Milly is:

John Ulysses Collins, b. ca. 1855; m. Susan Collins.

William "Willie""Little Bill" Collins was born February 06, 1854 in MO., and died November 16, 1913. He married (1) Malicia C. Hunter. He married (2) Nancy Oma Parsons.

Children of William Collins and Malicia Hunter are:

William L. Collins, b. August 24, 1878.

John Eli Collins, b. November 14, 1879; d. June 24, 1924; m. Laura Bird.

Children of William Collins and Nancy Parsons are:

Mary Elizabeth Collins, b. February 09, 1885; m. Albert Wadley.

Melissa Jane Collins, b. June 30, 1886; d. Ozark County, MO; m. Benjamin Joshua Bird, June 15, 1905, Birdtown, MO.

George David Collins, b. November 30, 1888, Ozark County, Mo.; d. May 21, 1976; m. (1) Mattie Creekpaun; m. (2) Melvina Croney, January 10, 1921.

Rebecca I. Collins, b. April 27, 1892.

Tommy J. Collins, b. May 16, 1895; d. July 03, 1921.

Minerva "Nerve" Collins was born 1858. She married William Miechem "Bud" Gunter.

Child of Minerva A. Collins and William Gunter is:

Wesley Gunter.

Queen Victoria America Collins was born October 08, 1866. She married Benjamin Franklin Egan December 15, 1879.

Children of Queen Collins and Benjamin Egan are:

Charley Eagan, b ca 1880 m. Mamie Ruth Welch.

Elisha Alexander Eagan, b. ca. 1881; m. Roxie Hall.

Emily Isamanda Collins was born 1869. She married William Monks "Monkee" Collins March 25, 1891 in Isaac's living room, son of Cornelius Collins and Dorsia Barton.

Children of Emily Collins and William Collins are:

Isaac Collins, b. ca. 1892.

John Collins, b. ca. 1893.

Janie Collins, b. ca. 1895; m. Luton.

Earl Collins, b. ca. 1897.

Richard Collins, b. ca. 1899; m. Delores Boone, a cousin of Daniel Boone.

Lawerence Collins, b. ca.1900 ; m. Cora Earl.

Onas Collins, b. ca. 1902

Nancy Collins, b. ca. 1903; m. Johnson.

John Obediah Collins was born October 1880 in Near Dora, Ozark co. Mo., and died December 18, 1957 in Walnut Ridge, AR. He married Rhoda Alice Bird April 02, 1901 in West Plains, Howell Co. MO.

Children of John Collins and Rhoda Bird are:

Emily J Collins, b. 1903, Dora MO; d. December 30, 1933, Dora MO; m. Buck Mayberry.

James Robert Collins, b. February 21, 1905, Dora MO; d. February 1975, Houston, Tx; m.

Polly Ann Ecton, November 23, 1927.

Homer I. Collins, b. September 05, 1907, Dora MO; d. August 15, 1977, Walnut

Ridge, AR; m. Geraldine Harbison.

Benjamin S. Collins, b. August 11, 1909, Dora MO; m. Edith Coy, July 12, 1929, Walnut Ridge, AR.

Hobart Collins, b. October 23, 1911, Dora MO; d. November 1991, Walnut Ridge, AR; m. Louise Wilburn ca 1930.

Mabel Collins, b. February 17, 1913, Dora MO; d. December 03, 1984, Russelville, AR; m. Mong Prater, April 23, 1929, Lepanto AR (Poinsett Co).

Vicy Amanda A Collins, b. 1916, West Plains, Mo; d. 1967, Lawrence Co. MO; m. Louie Tom Skimahorn, January 02, 1934, Walnut Ridge, AR.

Floyd Collins, b. February 1920, Springs , Randolph Co, MO.

Loyd Collins, b. February 11,1920, Ravenden Springs, Randolph Co. AR; d.1929, Walnut Ridge, AR

Christine Collins b. November 03, 1922, Lepanto Poinsett Co, AR; d. February 1980, Bartlesville,

Washington Co. OK; m. (1) Dudley Jones; m. (2) Eddie Aikens

Bartholomew "Tol" Collins was born ca.1853.

Children of Bartholomew "Tol" Collins are:

William S. Collins, b. ca. 1875; d. Shawnee, Olka; m. Martha.

Laura Collins, b. ca. 1876; m. (1) Decker; m. (2) Todd.

Charles Collins, b. ca. 1877; m. Rosa.

Floyd Collins, b. ca. 1878; d. Anniston, Alb.; m. Clementine.

Truman Collins, b. ca. 1879; d. Eagle Point, Ore.; m. Opal Collins.

Eliza Collins, b. ca. 1880; d. Dora; m. Alfa.

Sherman Collins, b. ca. 1881; d. West Plains; m. Alta.

James Collins, b. ca. 1882; m. Doskie.

Nancy Collins, b. ca. 1883.

John Collins, b. ca. 1884; m. Mary.

William "B.C." Collins was born Abt. 1855.

Child of William "B.C." Collins is:

Walter Collins, b. ca. 1875; m. Flossie.

George Ann Collins was born December 22, 1858 in Indiana, and died February 04, 1930 in West Plains Mo..He married Sarah Emaline Hannah ca.1877 in Douglas Co. Missouri.

Children of George Collins and Sarah Hannah are:

Martha Rebecca Collins, b. February 20, 1879.

Shelton Abel Collins, b. January 11, 1881.

Susie Jane Collins, b. January 11, 1883.

Stella Collins, b. September 03, 1885.

Anna Arlene Collins, b. July 05, 1888.

Wilson Collins, b. Abt. 1890.

Alice Arminda Collins, b. July 28, 1892.

Bert Willis Collins, b. February 22, 1896.

George Precious Collins, b. March 1898.

Amos Collins, b. 1900-1901.

Famous Collins, b. 1900-1901.

Bessie Belle Collins, b. September 07, 1902, Pottersville Howell Co. Mo; d. February 26, 1953, West Plains, Mo.; m. Andrew Jackson (Andy) McCleary, Sr., August 09, 1919, Pottersville Howell Co. Mo

Chester Arthur Collins, b. Abt. 1905.

Olive (Olieff) Collins was born ca. 1853. She married John Buchanan/Buckhanan.

Child of Olive Collins and John Buchanan/Buckannan is:

Rose Collins, b. Abt. 1873; m. Henry D. Goans.


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