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You do not need to register or login to use this site. All information that is available on this site is freely available to all visitors, and no registration is required.

There are legitimate personal reasons that you may want to use this site anonymously, and we respect that. You are free to do that if you wish. We also accept submissions by email, and we provide an rss feed for checking for site updates, and neither of these require registration.

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There are some additional features that might enhance your use of this site that are available only to registered users. Registration helps us provide these interactive features while keeping unwanted postings (i.e. SPAM) out. Registration is completely free, and requires only an email address. You can click here to register.

Registered users can submit materials and queries directly to the site. All material is reviewed before making it available, but you may find it easier to make submissions directly rather than by email.

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We want you to have a positive experience using the Nicholas County WVGenWeb site. If that includes using our registered user features, great! If it involves not registering, that is great, too!

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