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Graves of Revolutionary Soldiers

At Lockwood there is a grave about 300 feet from the highway. As long ago as 33 years back there was a concrete wall around it. That grave was marked with a tombstone. This tombstone and wall was erected by J.M. Johnson. The tombstone inscription was "A Revolutionary Soldier, William Johnson, 1755-1805." This grave was on the farm of Homer Saunders.

Another grave not far from Lockwood is marked with a respectable slab with the following legend: "Issac Rose, Revolutionary War Soldier 1753-1829". This grave is located on the land that used to be the farm of James R. Doddrill and may still be the property of someone in the Doddrill family.


When Congress passed an act in 1818 pensioning revolutionary War Soldiers, many who had served in the Colonial Army came to light. At that time the following Nicholas County men was listed as receiving pensions. However, the neighboring counties, Webster, Clay, and Braxton, had not been organized and some of these pensioners could have been living on lands now embraced in that trio of counties.

Granted pensions were:
Jessee Carpenter
Abraham Duffield
Jacob Chapman
Jonathan Dunbar.......buried at Old Bethel above Poe,WV
Jacob Fisher (My line record on file)
Benjamin Hamrick
Benjamin LeMasters....buried at Buck's Garden, Nicholas Co. WV
Jeremiah O'Dell
James Simms.......buried at Swiss, WV

Denied pensions were:
Peter Fisher...........not enough time served
Jonathan Windsor.........service not in military capacity

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