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CAMPBELL, Scotch-Irish.

John Campbell, pioneer ancestor of this family, was born in Ulster, North Ireland. Both parents died on the voyage to America, leaving the twelve year old boy an orphan. The captain of his ship found him a home in New York City. After a time he made his way to the settlements on the Kanawha River in Virginia. In 1792 the records show he purchased land of Edward McClung at the head of Whitewater, near Cross Lanes. In 1795 he married Nancy Hughes in her father's fort at the mouth of Hughes' Creek, and located his cabin home on his land in what is now Nicholas County. His children were: Elizabeth, married Thomas Callahan; Miram, married James Walkub; Abram J., John Davidson, Edward, Mary and Robert. Abram J. Campbell's sons were, Columbus C., Paley L., John Seneca and Andrew N. Campbell.

John Davidson Campbell, married Mary Kessler and settled in what is now Fayette County, where many of his descendants now live. Jason W. Campbell, a well known teacher and writer is a grandson of John Davidson Campbell. Edward Campbell, most distinguished son of the pioneer, was father of John Franklin, Charles William, Mary Jane, Sidney Masterson, Elizabeth Nancy, Robert Spotts, Nathaniel Redmon, Luther Rice and Lycurgus. Three of these sons, Robert Spotts, Nathaniel Redmon and Luther Rice, were in the Confederate army with their father, and were killed in battle. Sydney Masterson was in the army. He was a fine scholar, graduate of Ohio State University, studied law, but gave his life to teaching. Charles William Campbell was a farmer in the Kanawha valley. His son the late Sterling P. Campbell was a business man in Fayette County.

Lycurgus the youngest son was a well known citizen and lived and died on the home place of his father. John Andy and Charles Paley were sons of Columbus C. Campbell. Lydia Ann Morrison was a daughter of Albert Campbell a son of John Seneca Campbell. Virginia D. Campbell (Jennie), lived on her father's place, and Mary Alice VanBibber of Redland California are daughters of Paley L. Campbell.

Andrew N. Campbell, youngest son of Abram T. Campbell, was twice married - two daughters, Vina and Nora by his marriage were teachers - none of his children by the second marriage live in the county.

Many of the leading families of the county are related to this distinguished pioneer family. The family of Lycurgus Campbell still own and occupy the old home place of Col. Edward Campbell.

From The History of Nicholas County, West Virginia, by William Griffee Brown, 1954
Submitted by Nancy Norman Hopkins

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